Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and thanks for some memories!

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Yea, it was my blog's 2nd birthday seven days ago, and just like last year, I was a over a week late! I'm sorry I never get time to post anymore. I have so many things I could write about, like my newfound love of South Park, and my experiences with Xbox Live, DJ Hero, The Beatles: Rock Band, and being pissed about the only person out of most of my friends to not own Modern Warfare 2. But my mom just doesn't let me on the computer as much anymore, so I have to spend my time on my computer doing the things I need to do first (like updating my iPod, and watching more South Park). Before I get on with anything else, I do remember promising myself some goals before the end of last year, some goals specifically relating to this blog. Let's see them again,

As far as I could tell, this was as much progress as I could make with these goals...

  • GOAL ONE: FAILED (87/100 Posts (after that post was made), that's 104 posts less than the total amount of posts I made last year, about 2.1 times less! And only 13 posts away from actually reaching that goal (not including this one).
  • GOAL TWO: DISPUTABLE (I don't really know whether or not I actually burned out. I definetly wasn't losing interest in the blog, it was just a problem of the amount of time I'm allowed on the computer (my mother time-locked me computer -.-) combined with the work I have to do for high school caused me to write very little.)

Well, I would say that I 25% succeeded in my goals -.- . I really don't have a very good excuse for my lack of posting. Heh. I can say, however, that this blog will stay alive, as far as I'm aware. That makes for a good goal I could make for myself right now,

1. Post more. Just a little bit more than I have this year.
2. Play more video games (there has been an astounding shortage of that this year).

I believe I could succeed in both. The past year was definetly an experimental thing for my blog, trying out new looks, trying out some cool features that I could possibly do. I was taking care of the site more than I was actually posting on it. But hear me out, I will try to post a lot this year, not only video game related, but other things I'm interested in as well, so stay tuned! I hope for a good year for not only me but for everyone out there! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of myself and my blog :P!

Oh, and thanks for the nice comment, Morley. You're probably the only one other than me to actually remember this blog. :D Thanks for the inspiration to post again!

Assassin's Creed II: The First Day...

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So Assassin’s Creed II has finally hit YouMedia, and here is my first hour-and-a-half so impression of the game…
The game starts out very slow, giving a short flashback explanation of what had occured in the first game. It was a nice way of bringing back important story details, but according to my friends who had not played the first game were not really sure as to what was happening.
The game seems to expect that you already know what you should do, but even I, who had played the first game, was still very unsure as to what to do, even before I had actually got into the real game. There were no hints as to where you were supposed to go, and the game wasn’t awfully good at explaining the new HUD. It never had explained most of what the markings on the mini-map had met, but thankfully most of the mechanics were the same as the first one.

Assassin's Creed 2 Impressions and Complete Review Coming In The Next Coming Days.

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Yes, that's right! My friends have I have collaborated and have started playing Assassin's Creed II and plan to write an awesome collaborative review! You'll be able to see my personal impressions on the blog soon (I DEFINITELY NEED SOMETHING TO BRING THIS WEBSITE TO USEFULNESS AGAIN...)...It'll also be nice to finally get a new review to post on the site...hope this project is a success!

I'm on the school websitez yo!

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During Recover Club (a class you have to attend when you are failing a class), I found my face on the official Jones College website and decided to take a screenshot...

High school killed the blogger...

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I had been thinking about posting on the blog for a couple of days now, but I couldn't pull myself to do it. I did have some nice opinions to say, but I just couldn't bother. High school has been killing me, and other things happen to. If I ever get free time, I just use it playing video games, sadly, not blogging. If you do need your dose of me, though (I bet you do, don't you?), just check out my Twitter feed at the top.

What have I sweetest friend...

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As I was looking for the lyrics to Nine Inch Nails "Hurt" (going on a "Downward Spiral" run), I noticed that Google had also shown results for Johnny Cash who also had the same titled song and the same lyrics! I did a bit of research and it ends up that Johnny Cash covered the song shortly before his death! Such an amazing video to the song as well, watch it now!

So epic...both versions of the song are amazing!

The End of an X3F Era

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Well, after 136 amazing episodes, Dustin Berg has recorded his last Xbox 360 Fancast.  If you have read anything on my website, you might know that I am a huge fan of the Fancast, and Dustin was my favorite part of the crew. Now, he finally left the 'cast and Joystiq as well last week. Good luck to him and his future endeavors as I am totally going to miss him. I will still be following him, it just won't be the same on the 'cast anymore.

I meet a fellow gamer...

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Although I was not able to get his name, I do know this. This guy is freakin' cool. Some AT&T customer support dude came to my house to fix the cable, and I thought he was going to be either an asshole with a goatee, or some boring dude with a goatee. Well, I was pleasantly surprised (not about the goatee) when he walked into my game room. He asked me if my ION Drum Set was an electric drum set, and I told him that they work for Rock Band 2. He said that he also had Rock Band 2, but had a drum set that was nothing like the one I had. He then asked me what level of difficulty I play and stuff, if I had beaten the game, blah blah blah. When he got into my mother room (where apparently the problem was coming from), he started telling me about how he has PS3, Wii, 360, and apparently all these other consoles and how he's been a gamer for longer than I've been born. He ended up being a Sony fanboy, but he was cool. He also seemed to know a lot about the industry as well. (Oh, I remember! He said he was 29!) Although he told me that he had to go (because there was no one older than the age of 18 in the house), he asked me to prove that I am indeed awesome. While I was setting up Rock Band 2, he was also telling me that he has been in a couple of real bands as well (he plays the drums). I amazed him with my completion of Painkiller on Expert Guitar. Soon after, he was telling me how playing the real guitar was not that hard, that some of the notes you have to hit aren't really there (I knew that) and there aren't as much strums as it sounds (which I didn't know!), While I was switching for Guitar Hero III just because I wanted to, he told me how he plays the Rock Band Drums on Expert but only played Guitar on Hard. I then wondered for a while why he could be that good (the drums are HARD!) but not be as good on the Guitar. He answered my question pretty quickly after he showed me that his middle and ring finer are half gone (I didn't hear the story of how that happened, though. I think it would have offended him to ask), which really surprised me! Now I was even more impressed that he could play the Guitar at all! I then passed the TTFaF intro riff for him, we said bye and he left. I wish I could have caught his name, because that guy, is awesome.

So I picked up a plastic box at Best Buy recently...

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And inside came a small little message:


Ahh, the feeling of 'New' Games....

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It's true, it has been a while since I have actually purchased a new game. Watching this video has made me pretty jealous. I miss the 'going to the store to purchase the game', the 'asking my mom to use her nails to cut the shrink wrap open in the car', and the 'opening the box and pulling out the instruction manual and reading it during the car ride back home and super-hyping myself'...

God, school sucks.

Hands Off: The Beatles: Rock Band

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I remember the first time I heard about Rock Band: The Beatles, and I thought, "Wait, are they taking the Guitar Hero route? They're just gonna make a bunch of games featuring a specific band with a bunch of songs by that band and sell it? Damn, Harmonix must need money bad!" Nope!

The iPod that never was....until now.

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When I read Patunga13's newest post, I thought he was talking about the new iPod nano. That would have been WAYYYYY too coincidental...

Anyway, the blog actually seems to be taking life again! Maybe school has a slight good affect on my work ethic...

Gloqwi is 1337 t3h pwn493

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Although I still won't bother with the new map packs (even with the $15 value of the All Fronts map pack), I still kind of enjoy Gears of War 2. Either that, or leveling up and seeing all those EXP points rack up makes me feel good about myself. Either way, this game knows that I'm leet!

Ok, so what if I'm still a scrub?

[UPDATE] Coming to the website on my iPod, I come to the sad realization that the sidebar pics are very oversized. So you don't have to alert me. I will be on the case by tommorow.

Gamer tolerances...

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To alert the people that read this, I am a freshman in high school now. That's huge news for my mother. So huge, that my mom doesn't want me to think about video games at all until school times end. Which means that I won't be able to play video games until the weekends of every week. For now, I'll have to watch TV and learn...

That's my sad 360 staring at me in the face. I'm so sorry.

To bring breath back to this lifeless blog, I've decided to bring back my old reviews back from Gamespot that I posted about 2-3 years ago. They were slightly amateurish, but hey, they are good filler as I decide what I could do to make this blog worth it again. UNLIKE MY OTHER REVIEWS, this one was never posted on Gamespot. Instead, this was posted a couple of months after this blog was made on a separate website. This was my final official review of a video game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

I got COD:4 for Christmas and I’ve had high expectations for this game, and I wasn’t disappointed.
First, I’ll talk about the single player mode. The story is pretty much fighting a war and trying to end it. Now, I’ve had the game for about 4 days now, and I’d like to say the game is so hard, that even for a five-hour game, this will take a while to beat. The good thing is that there are 4 levels of challenge so it’s good for both pros and people that have never played a first person shooter before. And for a five-hour game, the campaign feels a lot different from other first person shooters. Most games try to make a place feel dirty by just adding lots of broken stuff everywhere you look, but it just feels like something has gone terribly wrong(don’t worry, you aren’t reading a BioShock review). I wouldn’t say that the characters are very deep or interesting, but they have great voice acting which really keeps you in the mood of what is going on in the game. The soundtrack doesn’t give the game an emotional feeling, but more of a dramatic mood. The enemy AI of the game is very smart, but you won’t see you allies helping you very much. I mean, they don’t shoot walls or anything, but they take cover most of the time and when they do pop out, they usually on shoot about 3 to 4 bullets and most usually don’t hit anything. Another thing that I don’t find bad, just very unrealistic, are scripted enemy pop-outs. I mean, you could sit in cover for about 4 to 5 minutes and then go out and more enemies will come out. But you could also take about 10 to 15 seconds in cover then come out for the same effect, so the game makes it feel like they only come out when you are open. Another thing that gives the same effect of unrealism is respawning infinites enemies that only stop respawning when you get from one place to another. Like in one level, I could spend the whole day killing enemies, and then get shot and die, or just run as fast as you possibly can from one place to another and not shoot ANY enemies and they will stop respawning. Sometimes I think of my allies as distractions more than actual allies. There is one level where there is a helicopter and there is a barn I have to get to. Once I waste almost all my bullets trying to kill the gunner, I desperately run towards the barn to get inside, only to find a scripted gunner come out and shoot me. I have been working on the same level for hours and hours and I still have not passed it.
One thing I would like to say though is that this game actually good use of special grenades(unlike most games), like a flash bang is very helpful at getting enemies to daze of while you start aiming at their heads. Or while enemies are coming you could throw a smoke grenade and place a claymore right next a door, then once the smoke goes out and they run through the door, BOOM. Sadly, weapons like C4s and Claymores are really only found useful in multiplayer games, whereas in single player mode they are usually only used for objectives like plant a C4 on something important and detonate it.
Now, even though the single player has different levels of difficulty to choose from, the multiplayer might not be the best place for beginners but something that someone will really get into. The reason I say that is this isn’t a game like Halo or Gears of War where there are weapons pickups and you will have to shoot a load of bullets to kill someone, Or if you have one weapon where even the inexperienced could get many kills. Nothing like that. This is a game where if you get shot by even a few bullets, you will die. It is a very fast paced game similar to Unreal Tournament but a little slower so that the sniper could be found useful XD. There is, however, the importance of having the right weapons at the right situations. Now that I think about it, it feels a lot like Team Fortress 2, except that you can mix them up to your play style. Something very rarely found in a first-person shooter is the integration of experience points. You get experience points for killing other players in multiplayer. The more experience points you get the closer you get to leveling up, like a role playing game. Once you level up, you unlock more weapons, attachments and perks. Perks are like bonuses to add onto your character. You can have three perks on your character at a time and you get to choose which ones you want. Like a perk called Stopping Power where your bullets have more damage, and a perk called Sleight of Hand where you can reload faster. There are also perks that let you hold more grenades. Attachments are like add-ons to your weapons to make them a little more useful, like a silence could be attached to make sure that you don’t appear on the mini-map when you shoot, or a red dot scope so you can aim better and not have to use the iron sights. The weapons in the game are very modern(hence the name Modern Warfare) and different from the weapons older Call of Duty’s had. They are split into 5 groups, Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. One game element which adds a whole lot of realism is being able to shoot through thin surfaces. So a bullet being shot through a very thick wall might not be able to penetrate a wall, or penetrate but it won’t be very damaging, and a bullet being shot through things like wood or sheet metal while lose a little bit of it’s damage but still be deadly. So now there is a difference between cover and concealment. There is also a system in the multiplayer called air support, where if you go on a 3 kill streak without dying, you can use UAV recon to have the mini-map scan for enemies for about 30 seconds, while if you go on a five kill streak you could call an air strike where a map of the level is shown and you could choose where you want to fire the air strike. So you could use an air strike in conjunction with a UAV to know where the enemies are and land a few bombs on them. If you get 2 kills from that or from your own fire without dying you go on a 7 kill streak where you can call a helicopter to come and support you(very useful too).
Just to include a little snippet about controls, you can hold down a button to look down the iron sights/scope/attachment, and fire. Or you could just press the fire button and fire directly from the hip, which is not as accurate(like Gears of War). You can also melee with you knife by clicking into the right thumb stick and switch weapons and reload. You can also crouch or go prone(lay on your stomach) by clicking the B button. And jump or climb over objects with the A button. Moving around is done by the left thumb stick and air support or perks(like RPGs, Claymores, and C4s. Don’t worry, other perks are passive) are used with the D-Pad. And the use the left and right bumpers to throw fragmentation grenades, flash grenades, stun grenades and smoke grenades(Sorry, but you can only have frags and one of the other three at a time).
Graphics are very cinematic and realistic(hehe, does that sound familiar to anyone?). The game also has a very cinematic feel. Just watch the intro and credits and it might remind you of a movie. And the final level(or the level after the final level) feels Soprano like. And the cut scenes give the game like an interactive movie, except deeper than that. When you get close up to sandbag walls though, it looks 2-d, but the environment looks very realistic, and the explosions are also very realistic. But there are some questionable rag doll physics, but they only popped up when I played split-screen games. You’ll see many people having their hands stuck inside a wall and hanging off of it in split-screen games. Though it destroys the feeling of darkness in Call Of Duty 4, it gives more of the feeling of hilariousness. Graphics look DirectX10 for computers but are still only DX9. Lighting also gives a great feel and realistic, though you will never see your own shadow. But these small mistakes are usually ignored because of the realistic graphics.
Sound design isn’t perfect, but is damn well close to it(also sound familiar for you G4 watchers?)! Bullets being fired, bouncing off of different surfaces and explosions being heard from afar are also very realistic. Music also gives this game a very dramatic mood, similar to the emotional mood in Halo 3. Voice acting is AWESWEEXCELENT! Even the intro of the game will make you say WOW! The voice acting gives you the feeling of being your allies but also makes you care about all of the characters in the game.
And now for the final verdict. One of the most anticipated games of the year did not let us down and then some.

Deep story, even for 5 hours(even more when you play on Hardened, a LOT for Veteran), fun and addicting multiplayer, not as much variety as a next gen game might truly have, but is still one of the greatest “interactive movies” of all time.

Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 9/10
Graphics/Design: 9/10
Extras/Variety: 8/10
Tilt: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

To bring breath back to this lifeless blog, I've decided to bring back my old reviews back from Gamespot that I posted about 2-3 years ago. They were slightly amateurish, but hey, they are good filler as I decide what I could do to make this blog worth it again. Anyway, here's my review Oblivion!

Let's start with a summary of this review. This game is awsome.

Now let's actually talk about it.

The Gameplay is a real BIG improvement after Morrowind and is still keeps the fun of Morrowind and a lot more. The main quest will keep you playing for a few hours, and after that, a whole world of fun and intresting side quests awaits you. There is also a very cool and intresting thing in this game called radiant AI, where the AI seem like real life characters, going around walking, shopping, sleeping, talking to other NPCs, and even stealing for themselves. Combat and magic systems have been greatly improved. Instead of Morrowind's, swing and hope to get a hit, you will always get a hit, and something that adds to the real life combat system is block, not avaible in Morrowind. And now, instead of switching from your weapon to you pair of hands, you can use magic without taking the time to switch your weapon. The NPCs also add on the gameplay, all having different personalities. Also something that was not avaible in Morrowind is voice commentary. When you talk to someone, they actually say something, unlike Morrowind, where it was just text whenever you asked an NPC about something. Also, the voice syncing with the NPCs' mouths is phenominal. It is almost a complete match with what they are saying. The only thing that is bad about gameplay is loading. It appears frequently slows the game down a lot. But that's only a minor complaint. All and all, the gameplay is downright awsome.

Now the graphics, the graphics are great. Everything seems very realistic. Shadowing, lighting, coloring, everything. The only thing thats bad about the graphics is that they take very long to load, and they make the game very laggy and glitchy. The game is very broken, so you can find yourself walking into a big blue of nothing a lot in the game. Going through walls, jumping outside of the actual area, all that stuff. Now straying away from the laggy part of this game, NPCs look like real life humanoids/lizardoids/tigeroids/elfs. Buildings and animals are very detailed. Nature is huge with graphics, and everything responds to the lighting of the place. Water textures are great too, responding to you moving in it to raindrops falling into it. Pretty much this; The graphics are great except the lag made by all the detailed graphics. and the glitches really take away from the realism.

Morrowind had great music and so does Oblivion. The sound, both effects and music, are outstanding. The musical compostions really give some excitement and calmness in the game. The sound effects and voice commentary really give some realism into the game. From swords clanking and banging, to getting struck with and arrow and the sound of pain it makes. From the differents sound of footsteps on different terrain, to sound of fireballs passing by and the sounds the storms make.

Now the replay value. Once you complete the Thevies guild quests with a theif, you can make a new game and make a warrior for the Fighters Guild, or a wizard for the Mages Guild, or an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, or an all-around player to try to beat all those quest lines including the main one, or be a barbarian and join the Arena, or just an adventurer going around town completing mini-quests. You can do it all and the intresting quests give this game a replau value so big, it might take years to days just to complete them all.

I had a very fun time with this game, And you should too. Everything is almost perfect. The only guys I recommened not buying this game are those people who get bored running around vast landscapes. All those other people though, are gonna have a awsome time with this game.

A 9.9

out of 10.

Originally posted Jul 8, 2007 7:13 pm GMT

To bring breath back to this lifeless blog, I've decided to bring back my old reviews back from Gamespot that I posted about 2-3 years ago. They were slightly amateurish, but hey, they are good filler as I decide what I could do to make this blog worth it again. Anyway, here's my short review of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition!

This game is good, good graphics, good story, good sound effects, (kinda) good music, just average gameplay.

You play as a amnesic guy named Wayne, and picks up his memory the more you play the game. You are on a snow covered planet E.D.N III infested with a alien type creature named the Akrid. And you have to save the planet.

Everything looks very realistic. The snow moves around like it should. It makes you feel like you really on a snow covered planet. Everyone also looks very realistic. The characters are very detailed. And the environments are very alive.

The sounds are very realistic. It really sounds as if your shooting a machine gun. It also really sound like an alien was screaming at your face. It'll be really be worth your money.

The only lacking thing. Gameplay. Running around the snow is kinda slow, even with a VS is just slow. I mean, some innovative things like hangin' and climin' a wall with a rope attached to a gun. But sometime (most of the time in multiplayer), you just don't feel as if your gun is actually damaging a player/Akrid. And it's just not for everybody. This game is good. But just not for everyone.

Originally posted Aug 8, 2007 4:17 pm PT

Rooster Teeth has been making new episodes specifically featuring Halo 3: ODST. They have already released the first two episodes in this four-part ODST series.

See more at the Rooster Teeth website.

Joystiq Casual Video Times!

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This is why I want Marmite....

And complete failing of trying to shoot a ping-pong ball launcher.

My summary for the past while...

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Zune HD is real...hell yeah. Hopefully, next Monday will show more information.

BioShock 2 dated for November 3rd. Slightly excited especicially after I magically found access to G4 today and saw some preview footage FOR the preview footage.

Modern Warfare 2 trailer came out and looked awesome.

Jeez, Kojima Productions loves their teasers...

Highly deatiled Albert foot large Wesker model

My birthday was awesome.

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Rock Band 2
ION Drum Set
Crysis: Warhead
Left 4 Dead (PC)
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 1GB.

Best birthday evar. Oh, yeah, i also beat Jacob at Yugioh. Lol.

Short post, because I sleep.....

Left 4 Dead rocks, by the way.


Dan Green
Real name, no gimmicks!

Two Dark Magician Girls go round the outside
Round the outside
Round the outside
Two Dark Magician Girls go round the outside
Round the outside
Round the outside


Guess who's back?
Back again!
Yugi's back!
Tell a friend!
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back!
Guess who's back!
Guess who's back!
Brains brains brains!
Guess who's back!
Guess who's back!
In America!

I've summoned a monster!
Cuz nobody wants to see Yugi no more
They want Yami, I'm chopped liver!
Well if you want Yami this is what I'll give ya
A little bit of yaoi fanart of Yami Bakura
Some card games that drag on and on duller
than the crap on those poor saps' TeamFourStar's channel
or the gasps in their fanbase when they lose a rating
or the gaps in their schedule when they're not updating! (HEY!)
You waited this long, now stop debating
Cause I'm back, it's time to duel, and cards need trading
You may think the dubs are mistranslating
But the guys who fansub are masturbating
So 4KidsTV won't let me be
Or let me be me
So let me see
They tried to switch me out with Dragonball Z
But it feels so empty without me so
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged burned like a bridge
Got banned, you worried a smidge and raided the fridge
But don't panic, 'cause this s**t's about to get manic,
I just shuffled all my trading cards, F*** YOU MARIK!

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me
I said this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me

LittleKuriboh; the guy who watches Yu-Gi-Oh
Embarrassed his parents don't listen to Devo
He starts crying at Finding Nemo
Then he makes a lameo video and everyone yells WHOA!
A visionary, his fangirls are scary
A YouTube revolution, otakus are wary
A rebel, so lemme just revel and boast
In the fact that I got everyone stealing my jokes
And it's a low-blow, such a cacophony
For you to steal so damn much from my show, don't copy me!
Well I'm back, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na
We got screwed by Revver, blew the budget now we're gonna
Begin again, start from scratch and completely
Regain all our subscribers, update the show weekly
No protesting, just like you're all requesting,
With all the quotes HeavyDDR's detesting
(Testing! Attention Duelists!)
Feel the tension soon as someone mentions me
Lanipator claims I have animosity
You know what I think? "Who the hell is he?!"

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me
I said this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me

Abridge this Abridge that, it's become the new fad
It's a shame that most of the results turn out so bad
Yo Sephirex, quit makin' fun of GX
It's better than most of your video train wrecks
And Kaiser, man, you're none the wiser
Your series is about as funny as Rob schneider
Vegeta and Masako, you guys should just let go, it's over.
Nobody watches Naruto
Now farewell
Go abridge some Zatch Bell!
Or post on your blog while listening to Soft Cell
This show's been greater than Ghost In The Shell
Ever since CurtDogg turned it into a nutshell
But sometimes it's all the same
Everybody only wants to call us lame
So this must mean LK's to blame
Cause it's not me, I'm king of games
And while he's not the first one to fandub Yugi
He is the first one that's not a newbie

To make the show seem kinda funny
Though it doesn't make him any money
There's a concept that's broke!
Twenty million other users steal his jokes
But no matter how many imitate LK
It won't change the fact that he's here to stay

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me
I said this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cause we need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me





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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Trailer 11.10.9....

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Flash Game/Review: 2112 Coop Chapter 2

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Major Nelson has revealed that Halo 3's final map pack will release on April 9th and cost 800 Microsoft Points. The story also reminded Gears of War owners that the new map GoW2 map pack is coming out on March 31st for 800 Microsoft Points. To read the full Major Nelson story, click here. has also posted pretty damn awesome stats, too. Just look at these:

* Halo 3 is still averaging close to 900,000 unique players per day on Xbox LIVE, it routinely pushes over a million on weekends, and it's actually trending upwards.
* The average Halo 3 player session clocks in at roughly one hour per play.
* The Legendary Map Pack, released just about one year ago, still averages over five thousand downloads per day!
* Both the Heroic Map Pack and Cold Storage are holding strong at over 11,000 downloads per day.
* Halo 3 charted fifteenth overall in the NPD sales chart for February 2009, again, nearly twenty months out from our retail launch.
* You're closing in on Ten BILLION Covenant Campaign kills all told (just under 9.8 billion currently).
* Total Halo 3 Players Smashed by the Banhammer, for any reason, ever: 57,854.
* Players rocking the New Hayabusa (aka Recon Armor): 452.

To see's whole post, click here. I a little tidbit here, too. They are apparently HONORED that we are still playing as much Halo 3 as we are.

I love you too, Bungie.

Testin' out my new camera by playin' some DeltaMAX!

Team 4tress!

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Awesome, right?

(Source unknown...)

Ok. I know that my site is barely visited, even by my friends, and most of the hits I get are from image links from Yahoo! and Google images...

but I still wanna try! :D

Two things I have been reading for almost every single millisecond of spare time I get for the past week(because I get really addicted to stories, I guess) are....

Whoville High, a fanfiction based of the world of "Horton Hears a Who".

And the 10k Commotion, a webcomic that hasn't been updated in two and a half years about a fictional DDR competition where owning at DDR is the dream! Oh, and you get $10k if you win.

FanFiction Breakout! 1: I Hears a some Who♥.

Whoville High takes place in Whoville sometime after the "Horton" incident at the local high school, and is narrated by a Who is always looked down upon by classmates and is always being bullied and made fun of and hates Whoville and everything about it, who's life...doesn't suddenly change but takes what seems to look like a turn for the best when she meets JoJo, the smallest who of them all who doesn't seem to want to FREAKING TALK AT ALL!

Yep, it's the Original CharacterxMain Character story of love! If you are particularly sensitive of Mary Sue's, stay away! This fic is for anyone who just really wants a good, long romance story about their favorite characters. It is well written(unlike most crap on FF), but the generic plot may be a little painful for some. A small little twist that makes the story interesting and makes you want to keep reading it though is the fact that JoJo actually does speak to the OC, but the OC never knows! Ok, that may sound a little bland, but it is truly interesting in words I do not have a large enough vocabulary to use. Many will probably love it, while nit-picky, super-serious, readers might find it bland. Seriously, you will still enjoy it! I would have said a must-read, but it's more of a consideration compared to my next review!

Webcomic Luv 1: Are You Ready? Here We Go!

This next story is about one of the longest webcomics with a structured plot I've ever read, probably because it's not much of a comic, more of a online graphic novel, and I don't know much webcomics with structured plots anyway.

the 10K Commotion (or as the cool kids say, Tenkay) focuses on a bunch of teenagers who really want to win a DDR tournament in Hawai'i whose grand prize equals, you guessed it, $10,000. Although they expect for this competition to be a breeze, they meet a team at a local arcade with just as much strife and perseverance as themselves, and once the competition starts, the competition gets real serious.

Although many teams are introduced throughout the graphic novel, the two main teams are Team Cyclone and Team Platinum Mark. Both teams take the competition very seriously and notice that winning it could actually be a challenge. Also throughout the story, you learn about Team Platinum Mark's and their eccentric leader, Dynamite's, shady past, and why it's so important that they win the $10K.

It's one of the most well-written and quality novels I've EVAR seen! And not only that, but the art style is very compelling too, with many awesome touches that make it both unique and extraordinary! The work the author put into this is huge, as this is also one of the longest things I've ever read. I'm lucky I finished it in less than a week, but that's probably because I spent at least 3-4 hours every other day reading it!

The only disappointing part of the story, and this is probably just me because I am never, EVAR, pleased with these, is the ending. Although it does suggest in the end who probably won, it is NOT a complete ending, about a 75% complete ending, at best. [UPDATE: I Re-read the dang ending, now I understand. I would still like an epilogue, but the ending makes much more sense.] It doesn't really say much about what happens after the competition, but there was an epilogue promised to readers. Sadly, this epilogue was promised two and a half years ago, and there is a high chance it's probably not going to ever come. [UPDATE 2: Looking through the site's history of updates, it actually still might have a chance...] It's is still a fantastic read that EVERYONE should like, even readers not so interested by DDR. And on the main page of the website, there is a couple of FAQs at the bottom which should explain enough for you to understand the gist, but a couple jokes are deep inside references that only real DDR players understand. And there are some references you need to have read a couple of mangas or watched some anime to understand, but EVERYONE will be able to understand the main plot of the book, you don't need to know much about DDR anyway.

I really wish I could express how much I loved reading these stories, but that would be un-professional.....

Oh, who am I kidding.

Well, that's my opinion.

Halo 3: Nintendo Style!

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Featuring Pokemon and Mario cultural references.

As most of you are well aware, Gears of War 2 has a pretty crappy ranking system: Impossible to explain, impossible to progress.

Epic Games' answer? A title update! Hitting XBL on March 24th, this update will give players a more Call of Duty-esque system for leveling up; the more points you gain, the more experience points you get, the more you progress through your level(as seen at the top screenshot). Even better? You automatically gain 250 EXP just by downloading the update.

Even better than this? The week after the update (March 31st), Epic will be releasing a new map pack containing 4 new maps, Grindyard, Under Hill and, Courtyard, and a original Gears of War map Fuel Depot! A price has not been confirmed yet, but, if I may include my own opinion, I think this map pack has come at the right time as I have almost completely lost interest in playing this game back in January. Hopefully the EXP system will get me back into it, and I LOOOVED Fuel Depot back in the day, some of the best overnights of my life.

(Via Kotaku)

I saw, many moons ago, this video on some other site. A hilarious prank on a live talk radio show, a man impersonates Gordon Freeman (from Half Life) and talks about a man apparently stalking him(as he calls, the G-Man). He also mentions a friend from security (Barney) and his administrator (Breen). He also talks about "portal technology". Only people that have played Half Life (or maybe possibly even Portal) will get this. A revisit to my Favorites list again! Listen to it, raise your spirits for an hour.

Best Video of the Year - Blind Kid Uses Sound to See - video powered by Metacafe

About 2 years ago(and probably older than that), but still some amazing stuff!

First, I'd like to say YAY! I finally found news that isn't linked to a Joystiq or BBPS website! Woohoo!

Stumblin' through the interweb I find a picture of a Xbox 360 built into a car! I continued to scroll down and I found many more awesome mods(some old, some new). If you wanna see the whole list click here!

Just imagine, your stuck in some terrible traffic and your held up for like 2 hours because of an accident. Ahhh... good times, good times....

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 coming out end of this year!

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Warhawk players, MyHawk stats have arrived.

Posted by Gloqwi Wednesday, March 4, 2009 2 comments

MyHawk, Warhawk fansite, has underwent a major update and now hosts players official game stats online, featuring:

"clan matches & tournaments, daily leaderboards, new graphs, per-weapon stats, stats on individual games, [and] game calendar."

Although it would seem that Incognito themselves allowed MyHawk alone to receive such information, it is not true. Dylan Jobe, the game's director, has revealed that the information comes through a basic XML feed which streams Warhawk data. So, if you want to host Warhawk data on your community website, just go to these forums and send them your information.

Thanks, Joystiq [Playstation] for pic and story!

Presented on the video above is the process of recording and uploading a clip from H.A.W.X. onto YouTube! The process looks super-simple; record, log-in to YouTube through H.A.W.X., then upload! although the uploading looks like it was sped-up(I'm just suspecting. Ever since using the video uploading feature on Spore, I was kind of iffy). Good news for the PS3, bad news for the 360, as this feature is only on the PS3.

H.A.W.X. is already available on the 360 and PS3, and will be available on the PC March 10th!

Here are 3 deals on eBay that you should check out!


worldsbestdeals is giving it up for about $170 with $15 worth shipping, but has had a pretty perfect history.

bluegrassdigital is giving it up for $130 with FREE SHIPPING. AUCTION ENDS IN 5 HOURS.

blue_jimmie_racing is giving one for $150 with FREE SHIPPING. AUCTION ENDS IN TWO AND A HALF HOURS!

These are current deals that won't last long and might get a higher price soon! Win those auctions!

UPDATE: Third auction has ended. First auction's price went WAY up, but second auction is actually still about $130's.

UPDATE 2: I see why the second one is still cheap. Second auction's PS3 is broken, but apparently the warranty seal has been untouched, so you could send the console back in for a fully functional one(sadly, I don't know how returns work, so do a little research before hand. I'm suspecting that they might want the receipt, so you better make sure this guy gives it to you.

Best LBP Level Evar: Contra Time!

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It beat the Starfox music level! New best level!
My personal faves:

1. This level.
2. Escape from Alcatraz
3. Starfox Corneria music level.

P.S. Don't expect too much. I got lucky to even get on the computer.

Small hiatus.

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Don't know how long, I just know I'll be on one.

Assassin's Creed II game location change! Welcome to Venice!

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The BBPS has recently reported on a story Kotaku recently reported about Assassin's Creed 2 rumors. These rumors suggest that the game may be taking place in Venice in the time period of around 15th to 16th century, and as the post suggests, it could be taking place in the time when the Black Plague was occurring. I just don't understand how they are going to get there with the way the first Assassin's Creed ended.

Mass Effect 2 teaser shows.....what has happened to you.

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I'm scared.....where's my Commander Shepard!!??!

I helped my friend connect his Wii to the internet at a party and decided to take turns playing SSBB online.

We knew right from the start we were screwed.

i decided to take the first battle with Ike. And only a few seconds later did we realize what type of skill we were up against.

You know how some people who call people that are ownage "asian"? Yeah, we just kept screaming that at the TV. We strive to get a place higher than 4th place, but it never happened.

Until, one lucky game, where one of my cousins face two other people and a CPU. We just kept focusing on the computer, and he got 2nd place. We celebrated with 2 straight cups of diet coke, and then continued playing.

I got the controller next, where the game, once again, only had two human player, but no computer controlled player. We spawned on the old Zelda castle Melee stage, and run towards each other.

And started taunting.

We didn't know really what was happening. The other two players were taunting, so I just joined in. It might have been the wierdest 20 seconds of the game. Until I decided to attack the person playing Fox. He runs away, running off the stage and commiting suicide. I was like,"YES, I GOT A KILL". So I just decided to stay alive as long as possible. There was a close call, but the game ended with me getting FIRST PLACE!

After we got bored of losing and lagging out, we decided to play on the 360. I brought my hard drive, and we played the LOTR Conquest demo which was kinda boring(oh, just a reminder, he doesn't have Live at all, Gold or Silver). We attempted to play the FEAR 2 demo or the Halo Wars demo, but both failed for some strange reason. Then we decided to play co-op on Resident Evil 5. It was one of the most hilarious experience ever. My friends are terrible at the game, my mouth accidentally slipped about the chainsaw battle at the end of a level, and they freaked out, especially since they always played as the girl, which put a LOT of pressure on them. When I told them to turn around so they could cover my back so I could activate the chainsaw man, they went CRAZY! They were just screaming and didn't want to try, which got me feeling crazy. Now I knew how Jason Bourne felt in the Bourne Ultimatum when the guy ran out of the room when he told him NOT to. Sadly, my friend died when we were cornered by the chainsaw dude, but not before some hilarious running around!

We also tried Geo Wars 2 co-op, but they still suck. The screen was too small so it was kinda hard to know where you are. And since we were connected to Live, we were forced to play the trial version, I got really pissed when I got 11,000,000 points in Deadline but was not able to put that on the leaderboards(that's 4,000,000 points more then my original highscore, and I didn't even have my cellphone to take a pic).

That was my weekend. Now I have to go for another 4 weeks without video games again.....wish me luck!

Just to let you guys know, after reading BBPS for about a minute, I almost screamed.

Two details were publicly released(thanks, BBPS)

The game will take place after the game ends(though it was not described how long it has been since the first game)
The game will come out early 2010(some dissapointment, some awesomeness though!)
And my favorite detail of them all....


More details in the links to the BBPS.

Today was an AWESOME day.

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I need to get at least 1600 microsoft points now.

I played these games, and I have had an epiphany:

Street Fighter II

both for Xbox Live Arcade.

I played both trials at my friends house, and I LOVE THEM!

I played Lumines first. I didn't expect that I would reach the actual end of the trial game without losing. And I seriously enjoyed it. 20,008 points. I'mma go play it again in 7 and a half weeks.

I also played SFII with both of my friends, and although the both are just ok at the game and only beat me once, I had a ton of fun.


Right, Right-Down, Down, X!

Anime Breakout 15: A game I might never understand...

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Look at what I stumbled upon on the interwebs. A game about hitting a guy with a bike as far as possible, with a couple of twists I still don't understand but kinda do. You know home-run derby from Super Smash Bros.? Yeah, it's like that, but it just requires a small click-and-hold from the mouse button.

Try to beat my record of 3145.67m

No, instead, that was an update that was released a few weeks ago to a very few number of Xbox Live users that is NOW released to the public. Update 2.07363.0 was apparently a fix to a problem with audio problems with HDMI audio cords. Hey! Be happy! You still have your golden lancer, and now for those who have been waiting for this update has finally come! Yay!

Thanks, Joystiq!

Listening to the Xbox 360 Fancast, I just confirmed that the Golden Lancer you might've downloaded a few days ago is going to be taken away. Xav de Matos, writer for Joystiq [Xbox], was talking about it on the show and has said that he recieved an email from a Microsoft PR team that has said that it was a mistake and they are planning to take it away from people that have downloaded it someway. They were supposedly only supposed to give a few downloads away, but somehow somebody screwed up.

They haven't said how they are going to do this, or when they are going to do it, but the idea that Microsoft can take out any downloads you might've downloaded is actually kinda creepy. Don't you think so?

All in all, I think Microsoft should just let it go, and let us have the lancer. :) Or you know what? Just give it to every one, jeez. I mean, it's a big deal for some of us but not MOST of us.

Once again, Best Buy seems to have the only offers worth posting about. Here are the two noticeable savings you should look at.


In a year, you probably wouldn't regret it.


In a year, you probably will regret it. I say rent, you say,"Yes, please."


I say, totally worth it.

Those are the only savings you are ever seeing for the next 5 days.

Gears of War PC dies....almost seriously.

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The Epic Games official forums have been attacked recently with disturbing, sad, and true news that the game cannot run, with a message prompting the player to reinstall the game.

As of January 28th, the game's digital certificate has expired, so anyone playing close to the midnight of the 27th then your computer's internal clock clicking over to the 28th immediately exited out. Epic has "been notified of the issue and are working with Microsoft to work it out."

A quick fix before a permanent fix ever comes out is very simple. Just change your computer's internal clock to an earlier date. Do you see the clock on the corner of your computer? Yeah, that's the internal clock. If you don't know how to fix it.

Bye for now....AGAIN!

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Remember what happened on the same day last year? Yeah, it happened again, except this time, without reason.

Awesome news for you Call of Duty: World at War online players out there, it's double EXP weekend throughout January 30th-which is TODAY!-to February 1st! Not only that, but they are also releasing two new playlists; Team Tactical(4v4) and Mercenary Team Deathmatch(no parties allowed). Team Tactical, of course, is a a playlist that rotates around team-based matches, while Mercenary Team Deathmatch just pits random people together to team-up.

If you would like to suggest a playlist to Treyarch to add to the game, you can go to the forums by clicking here.

A game where you bounce on all the platforms and reach the finish with the most points possible. Sound like something that came out 27 years ago? Well, it's very damn similar. Artoon is like a revised version of Q*Bert, with slight twists. You are small bouncing ball and you must change the color of most of the platforms to finish.

Let's start out with the features that make this game different. There are a multitude of different levels with 5 different types of worlds the player can be in. Every world has a different feature or art style that makes them unique, such as; everything is neon in one world, if you looks towards one side of the world there is a large screen effect which makes it harder(not really, it's annoying, though) for you to progress, etc. Every level is pretty easy but it will take a little bit of work to get an A+ rank on all of them.

The bad things of the game are as follows, the style function is almost useless. If you can get every single platform in a row(which doesn't take a much of a while to figure out), then you already get the A+. That's another thing, this game is not very challenging. The levels with the screen effects are easy because you barely have to turn the camera around anywhere to beat a level. You could beat the whole game looking backwards if you have to.

All in all, I don't think it's worth $5. Something a little more worth your money would be Groov, which is $2.50. If you would like to try the game yourself, click here to download it to your 360. has released a(read: ONE) hi-res screenshot of the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack map of Sandbox. From what sources our leading us to believe is that it seems that, if you look closely, every single object in the map is movable. Information leaked from that official Australian Xbox blog would also lead us to believe that the map pack will cost 800 Microsoft points and will be released on March 3rd. The blog also has leaked information on both Orbital and Assembly, the two other maps in the pack.

What the NXE was...

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Gridplane, a completely unknown design studio until now, recently released presumed mock-ups of previous designs of the NXE. All I can say's really open. It's like a virtual plain in the 360.

Thanks, [Xbox] Joystiq.


Awesome time to pick up some Street Fighter IV fighting sticks if you want them, FREE SHIPPING included, because they are 10% off on the Capcom online store! First, you should make sure that you turn off any pop-up blockers you have, then visit the website, add any item you want into your cart, then click the CAPCOM Store icon, which should trigger a survey pop-up. Complete it, then it will automatically get you 10% off your next purchase.

Sadly, all the fighting sticks are sold out so....get something else! :)

UPDATE: Just a reminder, it seems that you only get free shipping with a purchase of $75 or higher.

Excited for the new Friday the 13th movie? Me neither, BUT! There's a new reason to get excited for the little promotional campaign Epic and Microsoft has been using to entice some new Gears 2 players. On the first 13 days of February, Microsoft is planning to give away $25,000 worth of prizes to Gears of War 2 players! Prizes include:

A Samsung 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
An Xbox 360 Limited Edition Red Wireless Controller
A Marcus Fenix bronze statue from Mindzeye Studios
A life-size Locust drone maquette from TriForce Sales
The "Gears of War 2" video game soundtrack from Sumthing Else
The Gears of War Aspho Fields novel from Random House imprint, Del Rey
Codes to download the golden Hammerburst and Lancer(lol)
A "Gears of War 2" poster signed by members of the development team
Five first prize packages every day, which includes the soundtrack, novel, in-game golden weapons(heh, lol) and a signed poster

Before you can get any of those prizes, though, you must register here. Then play one match on these gametypes on their respective days.

Sunday, Feb. 1 -- Annex
Monday, Feb. 2 -- Submission
Tuesday, Feb. 3 -- Execution
Wednesday, Feb. 4 -- Horde
Thursday, Feb. 5 -- King of the Hill
Friday, Feb. 6 -- Guardian
Saturday, Feb. 7 -- Warzone
Sunday, Feb. 8 -- Wingman
Monday, Feb. 9 -- King of the Hill
Tuesday, Feb. 10 -- Wingman
Wednesday, Feb. 11 -- Wingman
Thursday, Feb. 12 -- Horde
Friday, Feb. 13 -- Horde

Cool? Yeah.

The two met each other while playing Halo 2. They are both gamers. They want to marry each other. The bride-yes, that's right. The BRIDE-comes up with the great idea of making the wedding Halo themed; her avatar was embroidered into her wedding dress, favors that look like plasma grenades contained in a little box that says,"Happily stuck together",organized a violin quartet to play "Unforgotten", the music that plays in the Halo 3 main menu, and has someone dress up as Master Chief to preside the marriage.

I now present to you, "A match made in Halo".

To see both posts about gaming couples, click here.

That's right! Until today, Golden Lancers were only available by purchasing the limited edition copy of Gears of War 2. Now, every new copy of the game contains a voucher for the Golden Lancer and is also available for free on XBLM. For the time being, it's free. Download it now so you don't have to think about whether or not it will stay that way.

Click here to download the Golden Lancer onto your Xbox.

P.S. If you are wondering about these links, has released a feature that allows you to download content right off of onto your Xbox 360 from your internet browser! Yay!

Thanks Xbox 360 Fanboy(now currently known as Joystiq [Xbox]).

UPDATE: This only seems to work on's marketplace, not Xbox Live's Marketplace.

The long awaited Resident Evil 5 demo has finally come out on Xbox Live Marketplace! Sadly, the PS3 will not be getting this demo for a while. The demo features 3 levels on two stages(if they are as long as RE4's chapters, that should equal to about 2 hours of gameplay, but it doesn't.); Assembly Place and Shanty Town(which was featured in E3 08', as shown in the video below), and allows for 2 PLAYER CO-OP with AI, local, or OVER XBOX LIVE. You can tell by the caps lock that it is very exciting news(although I already played the Japanese version-OOPS! Should I be saying that?)

Best Buy is having a pretty decent sale during January 25th thru the 31st.

Left 4 Dead (PC) is going for $39.99.
Sorry Xbox 360 owners, no deals for you.

Halo 3 is going for $39.99.
If you want to purchase the finale of the legendary trilogy and still #1 played Xbox Live game for a year, this is the time to do so!

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers going for $39.99!

And get a free 3-Month Xbox Live Gold card with a purchase of Gears of War 2($59.99)!
The cards usually sell for $20, so if you still don't have Gears of War 2, NOW is the time to get it!

There are some pretty sweet deals here, so don't miss out because this sale ends on the 31st.

F.E.A.R. 2 Demo Impressions

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The F.E.A.R. 2 Demo is available on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. No noticeable differences, really. Here are the impressions.

The demo opens up what seems to be the opening cut-scene for the game which pretty much gives you a small hint as to the back-story of the original F.E.A.R.. The demo then puts you into the perspective of Michael Becket who is supposed to arrest president of Armacham Genevieve Aristide. The start of the demo takes place a few seconds after the original game ends(almost the exact same time because the game starts after the explosion).

Just to give you a little head-start this is how the demo begins:

You start out getting up from a helicopter crash in a hallucination. You see the young version of Alma standing a few feet away. After you get up and start moving forward she appears a couple of more times before slowly morphing into the older version of herself and disappearing.

This demo can only be fully experienced completely alone, with the brightness levels they want, and your surround sound turned up very close to the max(or at least before you start pissing neighbors off). Playing the demo it seems that for FPS novices it might be a little challenging considering there is no noticeable amount of auto-aim. And we all know that sound design is what makes a horror game, with the perfect example of being BioShock. This game perfects the sound of what your player should be experiencing and will have you turning around a numerous amount of times just to see what's behind you.

Controls are a little confuzzling. If anyone has played a Splinter Cell game you will know that you must hold a button down to open up a menu to change weapons or other things in your inventory. Unlike Splinter Cell, only ONE button switches weapons; Right on the directional pad; ->, which means that if you accidentally skip the weapon you want, your going to have to cycle through all your weapons until you get back to it, which can get a little annoying in a hectic battle. Thankfully, Slow-Mo is back from the first game which gives you a small amount of time to either switch your weapons or see your foes die in a very bloody bath. The gameplay seems to be very generic and very old-school as I haven't seen a first person shooter bring back med-packs in a LOOOOOOONG time. And although there is a flashlight, expect very little from it as it will only help you look in completely pitch-black corners as it isn't that bright.

Graphics are great. Nothing Gears of War or Crysis, but definitely better than a Halo or Call of Duty.

One thing that I HAVE to bring up is the scripted events. Some of the greatest in-game cutscenes to freak the hell out of you, but the greatest ones are the ones outside of the cutscenes. There are some great in-game scenes in the demo such as a falling bus about to crush you completely, or when you turn around in a tight hallway and see nothing, but once you turn around again to continue you see that crazy b**** for a millisecond and completely disappears, only leaving you with a slight evil snicker.

Before the demo ends you are treated with one of the games new features, which is a vehicle. A heavily-armed, mech warrior style, robot which I haven't died using yet. It's armed with a Gatling gun which can overheat and four missles that shoot all at once that take a few seconds to reload. Of course, you would use that Gatling guns to rip normal foes to shreds, while using the missles with the guns to fight the other armored warriors of death which are at least half the size of you. At the end of the demo, you encounter pretty much a clone of the mech that you are using, and after a few seconds of engaging a battle with this thing, the demo cuts off.

The demo is out now and the full game is coming out the 10th of February in North America and the 13th of February in Europe.

Braid creator developing RPG

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In a 4-freakin'-page interview with Gamasutra, Braid developer Jonathan Blow has awnsered questions about his feelings for the future. But one part of the interview shows that he has been working on an RPG.....and other things as well.

[Gamasutra] So aside from the other versions of Braid, presumably you're working on another game?

JB: I am. I don't really want to give much detail about it, though. And the reason is that I've had three or four different games that I was convinced was the next game I was working on, and I'd work on it for a little bit and decide I could maybe do something better.

My newest game I started is looking very promising. I'm very excited to do it. But if the patterns of history continue, then I may not be working on it a month from now, so I don't want to start telling people about it.

So he might be working on an RPG, or....

JB: Yeah. It's an RPG right now, a 2D RPG that I'm working on. You never know. Next month, it could be a Pac-Man clone or something.


NOTE: This catch-up is full of SPOILER!s. and takes into account that you already know everybody and everything's names.

The game starts out with a cutscene that shows Alma presumably taking control of Paxton Fettel and a group of telepathically controlled cloned supersoldiers. He then procedes to kill every single person in Armacham Technology Corp. (ATC) Headquarters. You then proceed to hear a phone call between ATC president Aristide and an unknown senator, stating the "Origin" has had an uprising, informing the player that "Fettel has taken over the prototypes."

The game then gives you control of the "point man", who is described to have "reflexes off of the charts" both in-game and in the manual, and set in the briefing room for F.E.A.R. being attented by Commissioner Betters, and the F.E.A.R. team Jankowski and Jin Sun-Kwon. Your mission objective is to eliminate Fettel, who, as the info states, is a psychopathic commander. After the cutscene ends, you will have a hallucination showing Fettel asking you, "What's the first thing you remember?". and someone saying, "You will be a god among man."

As you progress through the game, you will have MANY more hallucinations that focus around the creepiness of Alma and how she seems to be able to kill people with her mind, messages going through your mind hinting of that "you were born here". Throughout the game Fettel himself gives you many cryptic messages, and you also find many laptops throughout the mission, learning many details describing "Project Origin"; how Fettel is the son of Alma, how he is a powerful psychic, and that there is another child, born before Alma. There are also a few very cinematic in-game cutscenes of Alma appearing herself, such as trying to escape and exploding hallway with her walking towards you, and when you encounter a small child in the sewers that always seems to escape your view.

All the hints in the game and quotes from Betters lead you to believe that Alma has taken control of Fettel, who was securely kept in the Origin facility when ATC closed the project because of the believed danger the woman posed. You also start to encounter ATC soldiers, who have appeared because of orders to cover the Project. Later in the game, once you encounter Fettel himself, you learn that YOU are the first son of Alma, and you are given control to kill Fettel. You learn that the father of Alma, Harlan Wade, leader of project Origin, freed Alma himself because he felt guilty giving his 8-year-old daughter to the project. After sabotaging the whole facility to blow, you escape on a helicopter, but not right before the game ends do you seem Alma over side the helicopter about to-

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