My Old Reviews for My Old Games: Lost Planet

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, September 6, 2009

To bring breath back to this lifeless blog, I've decided to bring back my old reviews back from Gamespot that I posted about 2-3 years ago. They were slightly amateurish, but hey, they are good filler as I decide what I could do to make this blog worth it again. Anyway, here's my short review of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition!

This game is good, good graphics, good story, good sound effects, (kinda) good music, just average gameplay.

You play as a amnesic guy named Wayne, and picks up his memory the more you play the game. You are on a snow covered planet E.D.N III infested with a alien type creature named the Akrid. And you have to save the planet.

Everything looks very realistic. The snow moves around like it should. It makes you feel like you really on a snow covered planet. Everyone also looks very realistic. The characters are very detailed. And the environments are very alive.

The sounds are very realistic. It really sounds as if your shooting a machine gun. It also really sound like an alien was screaming at your face. It'll be really be worth your money.

The only lacking thing. Gameplay. Running around the snow is kinda slow, even with a VS is just slow. I mean, some innovative things like hangin' and climin' a wall with a rope attached to a gun. But sometime (most of the time in multiplayer), you just don't feel as if your gun is actually damaging a player/Akrid. And it's just not for everybody. This game is good. But just not for everyone.

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