Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and thanks for some memories!

Posted by Kaillif [Gloqwi] Ammen Sunday, December 27, 2009 0 comments

Yea, it was my blog's 2nd birthday seven days ago, and just like last year, I was a over a week late! I'm sorry I never get time to post anymore. I have so many things I could write about, like my newfound love of South Park, and my experiences with Xbox Live, DJ Hero, The Beatles: Rock Band, and being pissed about the only person out of most of my friends to not own Modern Warfare 2. But my mom just doesn't let me on the computer as much anymore, so I have to spend my time on my computer doing the things I need to do first (like updating my iPod, and watching more South Park). Before I get on with anything else, I do remember promising myself some goals before the end of last year, some goals specifically relating to this blog. Let's see them again,

As far as I could tell, this was as much progress as I could make with these goals...

  • GOAL ONE: FAILED (87/100 Posts (after that post was made), that's 104 posts less than the total amount of posts I made last year, about 2.1 times less! And only 13 posts away from actually reaching that goal (not including this one).
  • GOAL TWO: DISPUTABLE (I don't really know whether or not I actually burned out. I definetly wasn't losing interest in the blog, it was just a problem of the amount of time I'm allowed on the computer (my mother time-locked me computer -.-) combined with the work I have to do for high school caused me to write very little.)

Well, I would say that I 25% succeeded in my goals -.- . I really don't have a very good excuse for my lack of posting. Heh. I can say, however, that this blog will stay alive, as far as I'm aware. That makes for a good goal I could make for myself right now,

1. Post more. Just a little bit more than I have this year.
2. Play more video games (there has been an astounding shortage of that this year).

I believe I could succeed in both. The past year was definetly an experimental thing for my blog, trying out new looks, trying out some cool features that I could possibly do. I was taking care of the site more than I was actually posting on it. But hear me out, I will try to post a lot this year, not only video game related, but other things I'm interested in as well, so stay tuned! I hope for a good year for not only me but for everyone out there! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of myself and my blog :P!

Oh, and thanks for the nice comment, Morley. You're probably the only one other than me to actually remember this blog. :D Thanks for the inspiration to post again!

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