Ok. I know that my site is barely visited, even by my friends, and most of the hits I get are from image links from Yahoo! and Google images...

but I still wanna try! :D

Two things I have been reading for almost every single millisecond of spare time I get for the past week(because I get really addicted to stories, I guess) are....

Whoville High, a fanfiction based of the world of "Horton Hears a Who".

And the 10k Commotion, a webcomic that hasn't been updated in two and a half years about a fictional DDR competition where owning at DDR is the dream! Oh, and you get $10k if you win.

FanFiction Breakout! 1: I Hears a some Who♥.

Whoville High takes place in Whoville sometime after the "Horton" incident at the local high school, and is narrated by a Who is always looked down upon by classmates and is always being bullied and made fun of and hates Whoville and everything about it, who's life...doesn't suddenly change but takes what seems to look like a turn for the best when she meets JoJo, the smallest who of them all who doesn't seem to want to FREAKING TALK AT ALL!

Yep, it's the Original CharacterxMain Character story of love! If you are particularly sensitive of Mary Sue's, stay away! This fic is for anyone who just really wants a good, long romance story about their favorite characters. It is well written(unlike most crap on FF), but the generic plot may be a little painful for some. A small little twist that makes the story interesting and makes you want to keep reading it though is the fact that JoJo actually does speak to the OC, but the OC never knows! Ok, that may sound a little bland, but it is truly interesting in words I do not have a large enough vocabulary to use. Many will probably love it, while nit-picky, super-serious, readers might find it bland. Seriously, you will still enjoy it! I would have said a must-read, but it's more of a consideration compared to my next review!

Webcomic Luv 1: Are You Ready? Here We Go!

This next story is about one of the longest webcomics with a structured plot I've ever read, probably because it's not much of a comic, more of a online graphic novel, and I don't know much webcomics with structured plots anyway.

the 10K Commotion (or as the cool kids say, Tenkay) focuses on a bunch of teenagers who really want to win a DDR tournament in Hawai'i whose grand prize equals, you guessed it, $10,000. Although they expect for this competition to be a breeze, they meet a team at a local arcade with just as much strife and perseverance as themselves, and once the competition starts, the competition gets real serious.

Although many teams are introduced throughout the graphic novel, the two main teams are Team Cyclone and Team Platinum Mark. Both teams take the competition very seriously and notice that winning it could actually be a challenge. Also throughout the story, you learn about Team Platinum Mark's and their eccentric leader, Dynamite's, shady past, and why it's so important that they win the $10K.

It's one of the most well-written and quality novels I've EVAR seen! And not only that, but the art style is very compelling too, with many awesome touches that make it both unique and extraordinary! The work the author put into this is huge, as this is also one of the longest things I've ever read. I'm lucky I finished it in less than a week, but that's probably because I spent at least 3-4 hours every other day reading it!

The only disappointing part of the story, and this is probably just me because I am never, EVAR, pleased with these, is the ending. Although it does suggest in the end who probably won, it is NOT a complete ending, about a 75% complete ending, at best. [UPDATE: I Re-read the dang ending, now I understand. I would still like an epilogue, but the ending makes much more sense.] It doesn't really say much about what happens after the competition, but there was an epilogue promised to readers. Sadly, this epilogue was promised two and a half years ago, and there is a high chance it's probably not going to ever come. [UPDATE 2: Looking through the site's history of updates, it actually still might have a chance...] It's is still a fantastic read that EVERYONE should like, even readers not so interested by DDR. And on the main page of the website, there is a couple of FAQs at the bottom which should explain enough for you to understand the gist, but a couple jokes are deep inside references that only real DDR players understand. And there are some references you need to have read a couple of mangas or watched some anime to understand, but EVERYONE will be able to understand the main plot of the book, you don't need to know much about DDR anyway.

I really wish I could express how much I loved reading these stories, but that would be un-professional.....

Oh, who am I kidding.

Well, that's my opinion.


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