I meet a fellow gamer...

Posted by Kaillif Ammen. Gamertag: Gloqwi Wednesday, September 23, 2009 0 comments

Although I was not able to get his name, I do know this. This guy is freakin' cool. Some AT&T customer support dude came to my house to fix the cable, and I thought he was going to be either an asshole with a goatee, or some boring dude with a goatee. Well, I was pleasantly surprised (not about the goatee) when he walked into my game room. He asked me if my ION Drum Set was an electric drum set, and I told him that they work for Rock Band 2. He said that he also had Rock Band 2, but had a drum set that was nothing like the one I had. He then asked me what level of difficulty I play and stuff, if I had beaten the game, blah blah blah. When he got into my mother room (where apparently the problem was coming from), he started telling me about how he has PS3, Wii, 360, and apparently all these other consoles and how he's been a gamer for longer than I've been born. He ended up being a Sony fanboy, but he was cool. He also seemed to know a lot about the industry as well. (Oh, I remember! He said he was 29!) Although he told me that he had to go (because there was no one older than the age of 18 in the house), he asked me to prove that I am indeed awesome. While I was setting up Rock Band 2, he was also telling me that he has been in a couple of real bands as well (he plays the drums). I amazed him with my completion of Painkiller on Expert Guitar. Soon after, he was telling me how playing the real guitar was not that hard, that some of the notes you have to hit aren't really there (I knew that) and there aren't as much strums as it sounds (which I didn't know!), While I was switching for Guitar Hero III just because I wanted to, he told me how he plays the Rock Band Drums on Expert but only played Guitar on Hard. I then wondered for a while why he could be that good (the drums are HARD!) but not be as good on the Guitar. He answered my question pretty quickly after he showed me that his middle and ring finer are half gone (I didn't hear the story of how that happened, though. I think it would have offended him to ask), which really surprised me! Now I was even more impressed that he could play the Guitar at all! I then passed the TTFaF intro riff for him, we said bye and he left. I wish I could have caught his name, because that guy, is awesome.

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