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i dont have much time, but i have recently found another educated super mutant who has given me a huge amount of information. nothing revealing or extraordinary, but just a few leads, but very interesting leads. ill talk more about them after i find the G.E.C.K.

wow. what a surprise. forget all the other ones i've told you, this one is crazy. i have to find a way to enter vault 87, but the entrance is so irradiated, you'll die in about 10 seconds. so i had to go into a cavern called Little Lamplight. it seemed like a normal cavern, except that I could hear galaxy news radio blasting a loud echo throughout the cave. it didn't take me a whole while to find out where it was coming from, as i saw a metal gate blocking my way. now this is where it got weird. i saw the patrol going up to the top of the gate to greet me, as usual with most gated cities, but freaked me out was when i heard the guards voice, it sounded like a little kid. i got a closer look and i saw that it was a kid! a kid in his pre-teenage years , but boy, if i could slap the little punk's face if i didn't know that he was my only way into Vault 87. they made a whole f****** city down here! a bunch of kids! im quite impressed but every single kid down here is an @$$hole. they call adults "mungos", and they kick anyone whos over the age of 18 out. i was lucky enough to pursuade the kid to open the gate for me, thank god.

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