Listening to the Xbox 360 Fancast, I just confirmed that the Golden Lancer you might've downloaded a few days ago is going to be taken away. Xav de Matos, writer for Joystiq [Xbox], was talking about it on the show and has said that he recieved an email from a Microsoft PR team that has said that it was a mistake and they are planning to take it away from people that have downloaded it someway. They were supposedly only supposed to give a few downloads away, but somehow somebody screwed up.

They haven't said how they are going to do this, or when they are going to do it, but the idea that Microsoft can take out any downloads you might've downloaded is actually kinda creepy. Don't you think so?

All in all, I think Microsoft should just let it go, and let us have the lancer. :) Or you know what? Just give it to every one, jeez. I mean, it's a big deal for some of us but not MOST of us.


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