Anime Breakout 11: Are the French hardcore?

Posted by Gloqwi Monday, October 13, 2008 1 comments

I've gotten through the first 20 episodes of Code Lyoko! Woo!...

But between episodes 14&15, I did some skimming through and there are some things I hope I will never remember, and some things that I'm going to be reading for quite a while!

If you want something very(and I mean very) short but pretty funny, read Everybody Loves Odd!

If you want to read an interesting love story, read Confused By Love(the link leads to the chapter I am on currently).

If you want to read the longest f'ing fanfic I have ever read in my entire life(I think between the 3-5 chapter it reaches the 100,000 word count, and it is currently much longer then that), read Code Lyoko: A Retelling. This is personally one of my favorite fanfictions I have ever read. For people that have never watched the show, it is kind of like the plot of the first season except with interesting twists. If you have watched the show, if you read this fic then you will be able to imagine many of the scenes clearly, however, there are some OCs(Original Characters) that you have to imagine yourself, or, if you go to the author's website, you could look at what some artists see the characters as. I highly recommened Zeakari's pictures in the fanart. The link also goes to the chapter I am currently reading. You should definetly start from the first chapter so it all makes sense.

Another form of media that I would recommend to you if you are a fan of the show is (which you should browse religiously :) ). Zeakari's fan art on DeviantArtZeakari draws in an art style that I just ADORE!! :D

And last but not least, while I was skimming through Wikipedia about info on the show(no plot or anything, just looking for channels that still broadcast), I found the website for the Free On Demand channel Kabillion available on Comcast. What is awesome about this site is that it hosts most(if not all) the episodes in Code Lyoko. My internet connection sucks so whenever I want to watch videos on YouTube, they usually cut off right in the middle and I have some real problems trying to get back to watching. I do know how to fix the problem temporarily but I don't want to go through how to do that since it's very bothersome, and besides, I already have a very dependable host! One problem with the videos is that when you click the little bar that lets you decide what time you want in the episode(ex. 4:53/10:52), be careful that if you are in the second or third part of the episode(since the video is split into parts since Kabillion shows the episode like that(no real reason, I was thinking for about 5 minutes why they would do that, and I still don't get it, it's not like you have to wait for the whole video to buffer before you watch it), if you click on a time, there is a small chance that it will start playing the last part of the video at the same time as the part you are watching, which can get very annoying sometimes. If you are lucky, and the part you are watching is longer then the last part(ex. Last part: 10:52, this part: 13:03), then once you reach the time that the last part would've ended, the sound from the last part will stop and you can actually go back to the part where the sound started and watch the part you were watching clearly.

This is probably not the end of my Code Lyoko tirades, but I threaten to promise that the website will be updated more then it recently has been(as in, at least 1 post a week :P). I am currently on episode 20, and I just keep lovin' it more and more. Oh, I almost forgot, watch the pilot episode for Code Lyoko titled: Garage Kids, which shows the earlier concept of the show, as in the kids have powers outside of Lyoko(which was called Xanadu)and has a MUCH darker storyline. The voice actors also sound very French and are not very fluent in English, but that's just the voice actors. The animation is not as detailed, it doesn't move as smoothly, the 3D models look awkward, and animation has a lot of blurry transitions(which I actually kind of like, I mean, they kind of remind me of a flash movie, but flash movies aren't done in pen, well, I mean, they are, but, you know what I mean). You can watch it right here:

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