E3 Day Anything: The Only Thing That Matters:

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"I've been being really busy being dead...you know...after you MURDERED ME."

New companion (one that actually speaks!)! New puzzle elements (heat lasers, gravity beams, vents, jumping gel, sliding gel, and jump pads!)

I was able to beat the last game in a simple 5-something-hours. This game, looks, HARD!

All you needed to know about Day's 0-1 of E3 (everything that interested me. :P) - Part 1: Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo

Microsoft's press conference was mediocre! Only thing super-special awesome is the new slim Xbox 360! Built-in Wi-Fi! 250GB Hard Drive! Same price! Looks sweet!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising also looks pretty damn kick-ass! Hideo never lets me down!

Fable 3 has been dated for October 26

Halo: Reach going to have space battles! XD


And then there was Ubisoft's conference.... oh my god... (in a bad way)

Everything completely sucked for the most part. Only notable things:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks to be kick ass.

A new Driver game has been announced! (To tell you the truth, I've never heard of the Driver series before this). Driver: San Francisco. Actually looks kinda cool!


And absolutely nothing was said about this "game", but there was a hella lot of dancing (don't worry, good dancing), and some blasting music. "Music by who?", you might ask? Well... Michael Jackson.


And now: Day 1. Nintendo's keynote. I would actually go so far as to say it was the best of all of them...I've never been so happy Nintendo has been kicking ass...:

Zelda: Skyward Sword announced!

Epic Mickey displayed! Very interesting concept actually!

Metroid: Other M has more shown of it... I am now VERY interested...

3DS detailed:

Depth Slider to control the 3D effect:

Motion sensor and a gyro sensor on the 3DS. Also, 2 camera lenses for 3D picture taking!

New Kid Icarus game announced! Kid Icarus: Uprising. Best description of it: It's a 3DS game, to clarify. It just LOOKS like a Wii game. And he is sorry to keep you waiting!

HOLY CRAP! Kingdom Hearts 3D game announced for the 3DS!

And last thing about Nintendo: Metal Gear Solid Franchise coming to the DS.

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