Gears of War PC dies....almost seriously.

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The Epic Games official forums have been attacked recently with disturbing, sad, and true news that the game cannot run, with a message prompting the player to reinstall the game.

As of January 28th, the game's digital certificate has expired, so anyone playing close to the midnight of the 27th then your computer's internal clock clicking over to the 28th immediately exited out. Epic has "been notified of the issue and are working with Microsoft to work it out."

A quick fix before a permanent fix ever comes out is very simple. Just change your computer's internal clock to an earlier date. Do you see the clock on the corner of your computer? Yeah, that's the internal clock. If you don't know how to fix it.

Bye for now....AGAIN!

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Remember what happened on the same day last year? Yeah, it happened again, except this time, without reason.

Awesome news for you Call of Duty: World at War online players out there, it's double EXP weekend throughout January 30th-which is TODAY!-to February 1st! Not only that, but they are also releasing two new playlists; Team Tactical(4v4) and Mercenary Team Deathmatch(no parties allowed). Team Tactical, of course, is a a playlist that rotates around team-based matches, while Mercenary Team Deathmatch just pits random people together to team-up.

If you would like to suggest a playlist to Treyarch to add to the game, you can go to the forums by clicking here.

A game where you bounce on all the platforms and reach the finish with the most points possible. Sound like something that came out 27 years ago? Well, it's very damn similar. Artoon is like a revised version of Q*Bert, with slight twists. You are small bouncing ball and you must change the color of most of the platforms to finish.

Let's start out with the features that make this game different. There are a multitude of different levels with 5 different types of worlds the player can be in. Every world has a different feature or art style that makes them unique, such as; everything is neon in one world, if you looks towards one side of the world there is a large screen effect which makes it harder(not really, it's annoying, though) for you to progress, etc. Every level is pretty easy but it will take a little bit of work to get an A+ rank on all of them.

The bad things of the game are as follows, the style function is almost useless. If you can get every single platform in a row(which doesn't take a much of a while to figure out), then you already get the A+. That's another thing, this game is not very challenging. The levels with the screen effects are easy because you barely have to turn the camera around anywhere to beat a level. You could beat the whole game looking backwards if you have to.

All in all, I don't think it's worth $5. Something a little more worth your money would be Groov, which is $2.50. If you would like to try the game yourself, click here to download it to your 360. has released a(read: ONE) hi-res screenshot of the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack map of Sandbox. From what sources our leading us to believe is that it seems that, if you look closely, every single object in the map is movable. Information leaked from that official Australian Xbox blog would also lead us to believe that the map pack will cost 800 Microsoft points and will be released on March 3rd. The blog also has leaked information on both Orbital and Assembly, the two other maps in the pack.

What the NXE was...

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Gridplane, a completely unknown design studio until now, recently released presumed mock-ups of previous designs of the NXE. All I can say's really open. It's like a virtual plain in the 360.

Thanks, [Xbox] Joystiq.


Awesome time to pick up some Street Fighter IV fighting sticks if you want them, FREE SHIPPING included, because they are 10% off on the Capcom online store! First, you should make sure that you turn off any pop-up blockers you have, then visit the website, add any item you want into your cart, then click the CAPCOM Store icon, which should trigger a survey pop-up. Complete it, then it will automatically get you 10% off your next purchase.

Sadly, all the fighting sticks are sold out so....get something else! :)

UPDATE: Just a reminder, it seems that you only get free shipping with a purchase of $75 or higher.

Excited for the new Friday the 13th movie? Me neither, BUT! There's a new reason to get excited for the little promotional campaign Epic and Microsoft has been using to entice some new Gears 2 players. On the first 13 days of February, Microsoft is planning to give away $25,000 worth of prizes to Gears of War 2 players! Prizes include:

A Samsung 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
An Xbox 360 Limited Edition Red Wireless Controller
A Marcus Fenix bronze statue from Mindzeye Studios
A life-size Locust drone maquette from TriForce Sales
The "Gears of War 2" video game soundtrack from Sumthing Else
The Gears of War Aspho Fields novel from Random House imprint, Del Rey
Codes to download the golden Hammerburst and Lancer(lol)
A "Gears of War 2" poster signed by members of the development team
Five first prize packages every day, which includes the soundtrack, novel, in-game golden weapons(heh, lol) and a signed poster

Before you can get any of those prizes, though, you must register here. Then play one match on these gametypes on their respective days.

Sunday, Feb. 1 -- Annex
Monday, Feb. 2 -- Submission
Tuesday, Feb. 3 -- Execution
Wednesday, Feb. 4 -- Horde
Thursday, Feb. 5 -- King of the Hill
Friday, Feb. 6 -- Guardian
Saturday, Feb. 7 -- Warzone
Sunday, Feb. 8 -- Wingman
Monday, Feb. 9 -- King of the Hill
Tuesday, Feb. 10 -- Wingman
Wednesday, Feb. 11 -- Wingman
Thursday, Feb. 12 -- Horde
Friday, Feb. 13 -- Horde

Cool? Yeah.

The two met each other while playing Halo 2. They are both gamers. They want to marry each other. The bride-yes, that's right. The BRIDE-comes up with the great idea of making the wedding Halo themed; her avatar was embroidered into her wedding dress, favors that look like plasma grenades contained in a little box that says,"Happily stuck together",organized a violin quartet to play "Unforgotten", the music that plays in the Halo 3 main menu, and has someone dress up as Master Chief to preside the marriage.

I now present to you, "A match made in Halo".

To see both posts about gaming couples, click here.

That's right! Until today, Golden Lancers were only available by purchasing the limited edition copy of Gears of War 2. Now, every new copy of the game contains a voucher for the Golden Lancer and is also available for free on XBLM. For the time being, it's free. Download it now so you don't have to think about whether or not it will stay that way.

Click here to download the Golden Lancer onto your Xbox.

P.S. If you are wondering about these links, has released a feature that allows you to download content right off of onto your Xbox 360 from your internet browser! Yay!

Thanks Xbox 360 Fanboy(now currently known as Joystiq [Xbox]).

UPDATE: This only seems to work on's marketplace, not Xbox Live's Marketplace.

The long awaited Resident Evil 5 demo has finally come out on Xbox Live Marketplace! Sadly, the PS3 will not be getting this demo for a while. The demo features 3 levels on two stages(if they are as long as RE4's chapters, that should equal to about 2 hours of gameplay, but it doesn't.); Assembly Place and Shanty Town(which was featured in E3 08', as shown in the video below), and allows for 2 PLAYER CO-OP with AI, local, or OVER XBOX LIVE. You can tell by the caps lock that it is very exciting news(although I already played the Japanese version-OOPS! Should I be saying that?)

Best Buy is having a pretty decent sale during January 25th thru the 31st.

Left 4 Dead (PC) is going for $39.99.
Sorry Xbox 360 owners, no deals for you.

Halo 3 is going for $39.99.
If you want to purchase the finale of the legendary trilogy and still #1 played Xbox Live game for a year, this is the time to do so!

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers going for $39.99!

And get a free 3-Month Xbox Live Gold card with a purchase of Gears of War 2($59.99)!
The cards usually sell for $20, so if you still don't have Gears of War 2, NOW is the time to get it!

There are some pretty sweet deals here, so don't miss out because this sale ends on the 31st.

F.E.A.R. 2 Demo Impressions

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The F.E.A.R. 2 Demo is available on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. No noticeable differences, really. Here are the impressions.

The demo opens up what seems to be the opening cut-scene for the game which pretty much gives you a small hint as to the back-story of the original F.E.A.R.. The demo then puts you into the perspective of Michael Becket who is supposed to arrest president of Armacham Genevieve Aristide. The start of the demo takes place a few seconds after the original game ends(almost the exact same time because the game starts after the explosion).

Just to give you a little head-start this is how the demo begins:

You start out getting up from a helicopter crash in a hallucination. You see the young version of Alma standing a few feet away. After you get up and start moving forward she appears a couple of more times before slowly morphing into the older version of herself and disappearing.

This demo can only be fully experienced completely alone, with the brightness levels they want, and your surround sound turned up very close to the max(or at least before you start pissing neighbors off). Playing the demo it seems that for FPS novices it might be a little challenging considering there is no noticeable amount of auto-aim. And we all know that sound design is what makes a horror game, with the perfect example of being BioShock. This game perfects the sound of what your player should be experiencing and will have you turning around a numerous amount of times just to see what's behind you.

Controls are a little confuzzling. If anyone has played a Splinter Cell game you will know that you must hold a button down to open up a menu to change weapons or other things in your inventory. Unlike Splinter Cell, only ONE button switches weapons; Right on the directional pad; ->, which means that if you accidentally skip the weapon you want, your going to have to cycle through all your weapons until you get back to it, which can get a little annoying in a hectic battle. Thankfully, Slow-Mo is back from the first game which gives you a small amount of time to either switch your weapons or see your foes die in a very bloody bath. The gameplay seems to be very generic and very old-school as I haven't seen a first person shooter bring back med-packs in a LOOOOOOONG time. And although there is a flashlight, expect very little from it as it will only help you look in completely pitch-black corners as it isn't that bright.

Graphics are great. Nothing Gears of War or Crysis, but definitely better than a Halo or Call of Duty.

One thing that I HAVE to bring up is the scripted events. Some of the greatest in-game cutscenes to freak the hell out of you, but the greatest ones are the ones outside of the cutscenes. There are some great in-game scenes in the demo such as a falling bus about to crush you completely, or when you turn around in a tight hallway and see nothing, but once you turn around again to continue you see that crazy b**** for a millisecond and completely disappears, only leaving you with a slight evil snicker.

Before the demo ends you are treated with one of the games new features, which is a vehicle. A heavily-armed, mech warrior style, robot which I haven't died using yet. It's armed with a Gatling gun which can overheat and four missles that shoot all at once that take a few seconds to reload. Of course, you would use that Gatling guns to rip normal foes to shreds, while using the missles with the guns to fight the other armored warriors of death which are at least half the size of you. At the end of the demo, you encounter pretty much a clone of the mech that you are using, and after a few seconds of engaging a battle with this thing, the demo cuts off.

The demo is out now and the full game is coming out the 10th of February in North America and the 13th of February in Europe.

Braid creator developing RPG

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In a 4-freakin'-page interview with Gamasutra, Braid developer Jonathan Blow has awnsered questions about his feelings for the future. But one part of the interview shows that he has been working on an RPG.....and other things as well.

[Gamasutra] So aside from the other versions of Braid, presumably you're working on another game?

JB: I am. I don't really want to give much detail about it, though. And the reason is that I've had three or four different games that I was convinced was the next game I was working on, and I'd work on it for a little bit and decide I could maybe do something better.

My newest game I started is looking very promising. I'm very excited to do it. But if the patterns of history continue, then I may not be working on it a month from now, so I don't want to start telling people about it.

So he might be working on an RPG, or....

JB: Yeah. It's an RPG right now, a 2D RPG that I'm working on. You never know. Next month, it could be a Pac-Man clone or something.


NOTE: This catch-up is full of SPOILER!s. and takes into account that you already know everybody and everything's names.

The game starts out with a cutscene that shows Alma presumably taking control of Paxton Fettel and a group of telepathically controlled cloned supersoldiers. He then procedes to kill every single person in Armacham Technology Corp. (ATC) Headquarters. You then proceed to hear a phone call between ATC president Aristide and an unknown senator, stating the "Origin" has had an uprising, informing the player that "Fettel has taken over the prototypes."

The game then gives you control of the "point man", who is described to have "reflexes off of the charts" both in-game and in the manual, and set in the briefing room for F.E.A.R. being attented by Commissioner Betters, and the F.E.A.R. team Jankowski and Jin Sun-Kwon. Your mission objective is to eliminate Fettel, who, as the info states, is a psychopathic commander. After the cutscene ends, you will have a hallucination showing Fettel asking you, "What's the first thing you remember?". and someone saying, "You will be a god among man."

As you progress through the game, you will have MANY more hallucinations that focus around the creepiness of Alma and how she seems to be able to kill people with her mind, messages going through your mind hinting of that "you were born here". Throughout the game Fettel himself gives you many cryptic messages, and you also find many laptops throughout the mission, learning many details describing "Project Origin"; how Fettel is the son of Alma, how he is a powerful psychic, and that there is another child, born before Alma. There are also a few very cinematic in-game cutscenes of Alma appearing herself, such as trying to escape and exploding hallway with her walking towards you, and when you encounter a small child in the sewers that always seems to escape your view.

All the hints in the game and quotes from Betters lead you to believe that Alma has taken control of Fettel, who was securely kept in the Origin facility when ATC closed the project because of the believed danger the woman posed. You also start to encounter ATC soldiers, who have appeared because of orders to cover the Project. Later in the game, once you encounter Fettel himself, you learn that YOU are the first son of Alma, and you are given control to kill Fettel. You learn that the father of Alma, Harlan Wade, leader of project Origin, freed Alma himself because he felt guilty giving his 8-year-old daughter to the project. After sabotaging the whole facility to blow, you escape on a helicopter, but not right before the game ends do you seem Alma over side the helicopter about to-

F.E.A.R. 2 Demo released on XBLM

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Remember F.E.A.R.? Remember Alma, that creepy-@$$ B#%&$*? Well, get excited! You finally get to play a little part of all the crazy $hi-|- ALL over again in the new the sequel F.E.A.R. 2! Guess what? She's back!

And from friends, I heard that it's has some creepy @$$ $hi-|-. Can't wait to play it and (maybe) post some impressions later!

A very nice paint-job of Sonic on a 360 done by deviantart user ricepuppet. If you want to see his other 360 paint jobs, click here.

The Xbox Live community games seems to be a very largely ignored part of the new Xbox dashboard update. This game seems to show how creative these games could possibly be. Groov is a new addition to the Xbox Community Games that has a very interesting concept. As quoted from the description of the game given, "Every action in Groov has a musical interaction", this game integrates the omni-directional shooter features very similar to games like in the Geometry Wars series with music makes for a very worthwhile play.

The gameplay is very simple and very similar. Left thumbstick controls moving, Right thumbstick points and fires your weapons, with the right thumbstick featuring the special weapon. Sounds similar, right?

The concept is very interesting, though. Every time you fire your weapon, it makes a different sound that syncs with the music in the background. Every time a bullet hits an enemy, the enemy lights up and explodes also making a unique sounds which also syncs with the background music. You are almost creating music while playing a very Geometry Wars-like game.

The music will basically decide whether or not you like the game. If you like the sound of an intergalactic jazz orchestra or something similar to the Geometry Wars soundtrack(I bring it up a lot because it's very similar!), you will like it. Every enemy mocks the sound of a different instrument. For example, every time you hit the "guitar" enemy, it will make a deep guitar strum.

These are the list of the things that make this game, overall, great.

*Every playthrough is guaranteed to be unique.
*Gameplay is very simple.
*It's $2.50. How can you complain?

But there are some downsides:

*There are only three gameplay modes, one of which I am unable to play because the challenge level seems to be a little too high for me to beat the second mode.
*Although every playthrough will be unique, a little over a straight hour of playing, they will seem to become very similar. This is not a long playthrough game. This is a play-in-short-spurts game.
*No options. There is an in-game how to play guide but there is no way to adjust the volume settings or change some of the controls.

All in all, this game is worth your $3. And once you play this game, you just can't help but to smile at the creativity of this game. You can go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download a free trial of this game, or just click on this link and the next time you start up your 360, it will start downloading!

I Am A Sadist

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I'm STILL! Trying to get Mile High Club on Veteran....with an astonishing disappointment. I reach the end of the level, I reach the ONE SHOT TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!...
and I accidentally cap the VIP in the face.
A minute of grieving, 15 more minutes of trying, then I stop.

In PS3 Trophy related news, I got my first two gold trophies; Packrat (Find all 30 bags, EASY!), and Pro Runner (Beat the Game on Hard...I'd say it's Easy to Medium, a few annoying parts, but all in all, very easy Gold Trophies). I spend at least 3 hours on Time Trials, I get two Speedrun trophies, I only have 1 Three Star Time Trial rating, and I got the silver trophy Test of Faith(Go through the game without shooting a single guy. Medium, I think this achievement is harder than Pro Runner).

V.A.T.S. in Halo

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Remember Halo? Specifically Halo 3? Good times, right? We all understand that the game has already lost it's sparkle, and games that have come out more recently have been shining like the sun. What can give old games their sparkle back? With a little bit of integration....

Ladies and Gents, I present to you, V.A.T.S.(Vault-Tec Automated Targeting System), in Halo 3.

So I was looking at the preset layouts....

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and I came with the conclusion that this is the only good one because it's pretty close to clean while allowing for some features. I'm going to look at other website servers and see if I can get some better layouts.

Honored by X3F!

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Mirror's Edge and Left 4 Dead: First 2 Hour Impressions

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Very coincidental that I got exactly 2 hours with both games. And now, here are my thoughts:

Mirror's Edge(PS3):

I'm liking it so far. It's getting a little obvious that they made runner-vision to make people look at things they would've never looked at before(in a bad way though). Unlike Portal which gave subtle hints as what you were supposed to do, Mirror's Edge seems to outright point it out. The only reason I have ever really only gotten pissed off was the enemies, but probably because I'm trying to beat it without shooting a single person. I'm up to chapter four and I'll let you guys know what I think after that.

Left 4 Dead(X360):

When I first read about this game, I was soooo damn excited. When I first SAW the game, I was a little dissapointed. Graphics are sub-par, and the gameplay also looked the same. When I heard someone's impressions about the game, I was like,"How does that happen in a game that looks like THAT???". Then, when I first played the game, I understand now.

It's F'ing amazing.

I might have played the game on a small 15" TV that might be 6 or 7 years old on 480 with audio that is kinda lacking and my inability to hear what other people were saying without a headset and not being able to hear the warnings of special zombies may have affected how I played, and the fact that I was playing split-screen pretty much meant I could not read a single thing on the TV.

If I loved it when I played like that, I wonder how much I'm going to love it when I play it on my TV.......I haven't had as much fun with a game as Left 4 Dead in a LONGGGGGG...LONGGGGGG time.

coloring is hard.

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Just to let you know, I had to color on loose leaf. You know, the one with the blue lines running through it? Yeah, that was fun.

Ummmm...FFXIII make hype me.

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Kaillif finds it wierd that for a game company that puts so much design to their weapons (Squeenix) that it's not a FPS? Go here to see why I say that.


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I'm am officially hooked on Fallout 3 now. Nothing precisely got me hooked, probably just the fact that I am finally leveling up a character that doesn't seem to be broken. Because I'm having no problems in choosing skills and perks anymore like my other characters.

I didn't know I would be spending this much time exploring and not getting bored!

Fallout 3>Oblivion yet it is less than Oblivion

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There have been a lot of people on the interwebz saying that the RPG layout for Oblivion works so much better in Fallout 3, but I have to disagree. By this time, I was hooked to Oblivion, but right now, I'm kinda, I really don't want to say tired, but I have to. I'm desperately looking through the wasteland looking for something to do, somewhere to go. But I think that...I never thought I'd say this...Fallout 3 is TOO big. There's so much nothing and too little everything. There are only two real cities, and all the small settlements have one quest attached to them and then they do nothing. The Vaults at first are super interesting, but then you just start to notice that all it's showing you is more bloodshed, and very minimal story. The mainstory has a lot of interesting parts to it, but the fact that you can't continue after you beat the mainstory.

And the fact that there is a level-cap makes it so you can't be an all-powerful badass, and by the time you reach level 8, your pretty much setting a straight path for yourself. And besides, it's so hard to find quests that you might have no use for a level 20 character anyway. And even if you do manage to reach level 20 for you PS3 owners out there, you've got very little to do, and you get no DLC whatsoever. I know how you guys feel now, sorry for all the bragging, PS3 owners.

I think it would've worked much better if it was like Oblivion, where you were allowed to fast-travel to the cities at the beginning so you could have a lot of other things to do instead of the main quest, or just either really short miniquests(repairing the pipes, I'm looking at you), or wayy tooo long quest lines(Wasteland Survival Guide). There are a lot of good quests out there(Big Trouble in Bigtown, Blood Ties, the Beggining parts of Wasteland Survival Guide, and a few more), but you HAVE to look pretty hard. And if your good or evil, if you are just one or the other, the quest lines that could be really long could be really tiny, for example: You have to find somebody and bring him back somewhere, but the fact that your a good guy makes you just bring back some fake evidence that he's dead and the quest ends. He is alive, and you know it very well, but you don't want to enslave him. And I'm not even going to talk about Paradise Falls.....

I also miss the houses in Oblivion. I know there are houses in Fallout 3, but there are only two, you either disarm or detonate Megaton to get each one, and the furniture is only slightly interesting...I like the theme idea though, I haven't got enough money to buy one yet...:P

And the fact that this game made me realize that I'm not as good at FPS's as I thought I was without even a little bit of auto-aim.

I dunno, maybe I'm just playing it wrong. I never used repair, and I learned how great that is only recently. I'm only starting to make weapons. OH! That also reminds me. I wish this game promoted melee weapons more. Those are awesome! Seriously, the Shishkabob is super-awesome, and before I got that, I though using a Chinese Officer's sword was cool. The problem is, I don't have any skill points to spare for melee weapons...maybe I am playing it wrong.....

If you read all of this, thanks! :)

I'm going to explain my 2009 to you.

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Note: Just before I explain, I just want to explain the post the other day. I just got a little hyped up because I heard they were doing some interesting things. Such as showing an "Actual 12 Year Old Girl"'s Level made by Boku, Microsoft's Free Littlebigplanet. Except you make games, not levels.

Anyway, to the topic.

This is my basic layout of 2009. It's kinda clear that 2009 isn't going to be a 2008 or 2007, where the biggest and awesome-est of games came out all at once. No, it's going to be a couple of big games, and the rest is mostly shovel ware.

My plan is to rent every single game I WASN'T able to play that came out the past two years that I really wanted to play. And this is my current list of things I want to rent (R) or buy (B).

Left 4 Dead(B)
Mirror's Edge(R)
Saints Row 2(R/B)
Call of Duty 5(R)
Orange Box for PC(B!)

and some other games I'll list sometime over the coming weeks. I can't WAIT until summer!

P.S. I needed a lot of courage to post this, and I probably might remove it soon. I just wanted to test my scanner out.


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There's some awesome crap I wish I had the time to post to show!

I really would like to go into this thing called "PC Gaming". I heard it's a very interesting community. Less kids, more innovating things, although not really innovative, just new. Steam seems like the best place ever! They are selling all the games I ever wanted but never had this thing called "Money" for! Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Audiosurf, Fallout 3, Warhammer Online (I'm serious), Mass Effect!!!

And then there are Mods! Mods were the things that almost made me buy Oblivion AGAIN for the PC. Something I wish I could have used.

I played Fallout 3 on the PC, without mods, but with the console(it's pretty much a thing that Bethesda has put in the PC versions of Oblivion, Morrowind, and Fallout 3, where you could kinda type in "codes", even though you were actually changing the coding of some of the game, not major. Check GameFAQS to see how easy these codes are to enter), and editing things in the game that you couldn't do in the console versions of the game were AWESOME! And I played Oblivion with some mods(including a mod where my friend looked exactly like Cloud from FF7, and had Cloud's sword), and although it didn't change the gameplay, it made the game SOOO much more interesting.

There is also this thing in a lot of PC games I've played(usually first person games), called "noclip" or "noclipping", which pretty much let you float. I had BioShock and they had a noclipping feature, and it completely expanded my thought of the game, and I'm not saying that in the "Braid is DEEP" sort of way, but more like "I HAD FUN" sort of thing.

In an also somewhat related tangent, I'm also getting a lot of movies and music for my PC. My PC has finally sort of become a little part of my life, instead of just plugging in my iPod to sync some songs, and then turning it off. My PC has finally become a platform. I have been using my PC for a lot of things now, INCLUDING watching movies, FINALLY getting more than 100 songs in my library, and getting some really awesome pictures onto my computer.

Computer gurus, you must think I'm a noob and you don't want me part of your circle. I know I'm one of those little kids that you don't want to meet online because he's is a fu(*&(*^ pain in the @$$ and is one of the sole reasons you don't play on consoles.

But I want to be part of your group. So live with it.

P.S. This post was supposed to go up some much earlier and I was supposed to get a much better sleep. But instead, I stay up for an hour trying to get the internet to work so I could post this, because I needed to find someway to thank you whoever is clicking my ads a LOT. See? Money inspires me. I'm THAT egotistical prick.

I'd like to give a shoutout!

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Thanks to whoever is clicking on the ads, and thank you for supporting my site!


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i dont have much time, but i have recently found another educated super mutant who has given me a huge amount of information. nothing revealing or extraordinary, but just a few leads, but very interesting leads. ill talk more about them after i find the G.E.C.K.

wow. what a surprise. forget all the other ones i've told you, this one is crazy. i have to find a way to enter vault 87, but the entrance is so irradiated, you'll die in about 10 seconds. so i had to go into a cavern called Little Lamplight. it seemed like a normal cavern, except that I could hear galaxy news radio blasting a loud echo throughout the cave. it didn't take me a whole while to find out where it was coming from, as i saw a metal gate blocking my way. now this is where it got weird. i saw the patrol going up to the top of the gate to greet me, as usual with most gated cities, but freaked me out was when i heard the guards voice, it sounded like a little kid. i got a closer look and i saw that it was a kid! a kid in his pre-teenage years , but boy, if i could slap the little punk's face if i didn't know that he was my only way into Vault 87. they made a whole f****** city down here! a bunch of kids! im quite impressed but every single kid down here is an @$$hole. they call adults "mungos", and they kick anyone whos over the age of 18 out. i was lucky enough to pursuade the kid to open the gate for me, thank god.


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i recently came to a raider camp at evergreen mills while heading to vault 112 to find my dad. i saw a couple of slaves and i figured, hell, i should rescue them. this was probably the largest camp i have found yet. what stood in the middle of the camp scared the f*** out of me though. there was a super mutant behemoth! i have only seen two, but these things are huge hulks, and they are a forced to be reckoned with. luckily, it was trapped in a electrified cage, but i saw the generator sitting right next to it. so after i cleaned up the whole camp of raiders and freed he slaves(and got a nice shotgun), i decided to take on the beast. i planted at least 8 mines, took out my new shotgun(which packs one hell of a punch), and shot the generator. i was so damn close to dying in the battle, but i was able to take it down with a few dozen shotgun rounds to the head. time to pack up and head to vault 112!

so i was out heading for a place called Minefield, this woman is having me do some awkward chores to help her out with her "wasteland survival book". i came across a strange sight, a super mutant fighting two other super mutants. i did not find it strange at the time, but when i got closer to the fight, i noticed the my pip-boy was not displaying the first super mutant as deadly. so after the fight ended, i decided to make contact with the super mutant. i was amazed! it was a friendly super mutant! he told me his name was Uncle Leo, and when i tried to ask him where he got his name, he was unsure; telling me that his name might have come from a book he read. fascinating! he has also confirmed some reports i heard, about super mutants taking other people to a secluded location, but what surprised me the most is that apparently all the captives they take are turned into SUPER MUTANTS! i have to remember this.

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