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i recently came to a raider camp at evergreen mills while heading to vault 112 to find my dad. i saw a couple of slaves and i figured, hell, i should rescue them. this was probably the largest camp i have found yet. what stood in the middle of the camp scared the f*** out of me though. there was a super mutant behemoth! i have only seen two, but these things are huge hulks, and they are a forced to be reckoned with. luckily, it was trapped in a electrified cage, but i saw the generator sitting right next to it. so after i cleaned up the whole camp of raiders and freed he slaves(and got a nice shotgun), i decided to take on the beast. i planted at least 8 mines, took out my new shotgun(which packs one hell of a punch), and shot the generator. i was so damn close to dying in the battle, but i was able to take it down with a few dozen shotgun rounds to the head. time to pack up and head to vault 112!

so i was out heading for a place called Minefield, this woman is having me do some awkward chores to help her out with her "wasteland survival book". i came across a strange sight, a super mutant fighting two other super mutants. i did not find it strange at the time, but when i got closer to the fight, i noticed the my pip-boy was not displaying the first super mutant as deadly. so after the fight ended, i decided to make contact with the super mutant. i was amazed! it was a friendly super mutant! he told me his name was Uncle Leo, and when i tried to ask him where he got his name, he was unsure; telling me that his name might have come from a book he read. fascinating! he has also confirmed some reports i heard, about super mutants taking other people to a secluded location, but what surprised me the most is that apparently all the captives they take are turned into SUPER MUTANTS! i have to remember this.

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