POPUP VIDEO 1: Brought to you by Anime Breakout!

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, October 17, 2008 2 comments

SPOILER ALERT: For the people out there watching Full Metal Alchemist or the fanfiction "The Switch Glitch" by Zilo Sugarpill

I dunno if this might be a new feature or what, I just like adding "1:" to things because I think that I might do them again. Since I really didn't want to do an anime breakout since I would like to have that as a weekly feature(and see if I could keep it that way for a while), I made a new feature. I dunno if I'll do this often or at all, but I just felt like making this a feature instead of a video to the side of my website.

Anyway, this video came from Full Metal Alchemist while I was reading "The Switch Glitch", a fanfiction written by Zilo Sugarpill. I was on one of the chapter(chapter 27 to be exact), and there was this part in the chapter that showed a flashback to one of the scenes in the real show. Although it was just a sentence, the flashback peaked my interest and I decided to look on YouTube for it. I enjoyed it, I hope you do!

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