I'm going to explain my 2009 to you.

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, January 9, 2009 0 comments

Note: Just before I explain, I just want to explain the post the other day. I just got a little hyped up because I heard they were doing some interesting things. Such as showing an "Actual 12 Year Old Girl"'s Level made by Boku, Microsoft's Free Littlebigplanet. Except you make games, not levels.

Anyway, to the topic.

This is my basic layout of 2009. It's kinda clear that 2009 isn't going to be a 2008 or 2007, where the biggest and awesome-est of games came out all at once. No, it's going to be a couple of big games, and the rest is mostly shovel ware.

My plan is to rent every single game I WASN'T able to play that came out the past two years that I really wanted to play. And this is my current list of things I want to rent (R) or buy (B).

Left 4 Dead(B)
Mirror's Edge(R)
Saints Row 2(R/B)
Call of Duty 5(R)
Orange Box for PC(B!)

and some other games I'll list sometime over the coming weeks. I can't WAIT until summer!

P.S. I needed a lot of courage to post this, and I probably might remove it soon. I just wanted to test my scanner out.

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