SSBB Online rocks....hard.

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, February 22, 2009

I helped my friend connect his Wii to the internet at a party and decided to take turns playing SSBB online.

We knew right from the start we were screwed.

i decided to take the first battle with Ike. And only a few seconds later did we realize what type of skill we were up against.

You know how some people who call people that are ownage "asian"? Yeah, we just kept screaming that at the TV. We strive to get a place higher than 4th place, but it never happened.

Until, one lucky game, where one of my cousins face two other people and a CPU. We just kept focusing on the computer, and he got 2nd place. We celebrated with 2 straight cups of diet coke, and then continued playing.

I got the controller next, where the game, once again, only had two human player, but no computer controlled player. We spawned on the old Zelda castle Melee stage, and run towards each other.

And started taunting.

We didn't know really what was happening. The other two players were taunting, so I just joined in. It might have been the wierdest 20 seconds of the game. Until I decided to attack the person playing Fox. He runs away, running off the stage and commiting suicide. I was like,"YES, I GOT A KILL". So I just decided to stay alive as long as possible. There was a close call, but the game ended with me getting FIRST PLACE!

After we got bored of losing and lagging out, we decided to play on the 360. I brought my hard drive, and we played the LOTR Conquest demo which was kinda boring(oh, just a reminder, he doesn't have Live at all, Gold or Silver). We attempted to play the FEAR 2 demo or the Halo Wars demo, but both failed for some strange reason. Then we decided to play co-op on Resident Evil 5. It was one of the most hilarious experience ever. My friends are terrible at the game, my mouth accidentally slipped about the chainsaw battle at the end of a level, and they freaked out, especially since they always played as the girl, which put a LOT of pressure on them. When I told them to turn around so they could cover my back so I could activate the chainsaw man, they went CRAZY! They were just screaming and didn't want to try, which got me feeling crazy. Now I knew how Jason Bourne felt in the Bourne Ultimatum when the guy ran out of the room when he told him NOT to. Sadly, my friend died when we were cornered by the chainsaw dude, but not before some hilarious running around!

We also tried Geo Wars 2 co-op, but they still suck. The screen was too small so it was kinda hard to know where you are. And since we were connected to Live, we were forced to play the trial version, I got really pissed when I got 11,000,000 points in Deadline but was not able to put that on the leaderboards(that's 4,000,000 points more then my original highscore, and I didn't even have my cellphone to take a pic).

That was my weekend. Now I have to go for another 4 weeks without video games again.....wish me luck!


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