One hundred eighty and fed the fish.

Posted by Gloqwi Monday, December 29, 2008 0 comments

I have been recently been playing a little bit of Grand Theft Auto IV just because my friend got me into playing again. It actually hit me as a pretty interesting game after I started a new save file, but it seemed that the only thing that was keeping me interested was either getting new trophies or getting new weapons. It actually feels like a very rewarding experience after you get new items or features, which I never noticed or experienced before because I used cheat codes a lot after the game started to piss me off. I'm actually attempting to complete the whole game, but I know that is going to be a boring-as-hell experience.

I also have been playing a little bit of Mass Effect, working on trying to get the Extreme Power Gamer achievement(getting to level 60), and ALSO trying to complete most of the side quests and all the extra stuff(which would also lead to me getting the completionist achievement and one of the Ally achievements(playing most of the game with a certain teammate)).

That's pretty much it! Goo bye!

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