Still up and running

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Looks like the blogs in tip top shape.

I am in Tennesee right now!

Posted by Gloqwi Tuesday, July 22, 2008 1 comments

What's up from Dollywood, Tennessee!

Pdidi owns in GoW

Posted by Didi Wednesday, July 9, 2008 1 comments

First time I ever played and I owned everyone in that game! Kaillif is one of those noobs that just runs away so it wasn't really fair. Thinking about selling R6V2 and getting GoW because my friend(monkie dukie) just brought gears of war over I don't actually have it so tell me what you think on xbl gamertag pdidi911

Although it may be true that they are making a big leap forward for their console, this is how I would have worded it.

The Playstation 3 is making a big leap forward....and has caught-up with the 360.

To see what I'm talking about, click here. What I'm saying is that this "big leap" they are making with Firmware 2.40 is not a very big leap compared to other consoles. Let's compare the new features to the Xbox 360.

Trophies-The Xbox 360 already has achievements.
In-Game XMB-Already has the Xbox Guide.
Text chat in the in-game XMB-The Xbox 360 has VOICE chat, and they don't even have to be in the same game either.
In-Game XMB can be accessed from the PS3 titles but NOT while watching movies and playing PS2 games-You can access the guide from both games and movies, but NOT while playing original Xbox games.
You can view downloads and see how close it is to completetion-Already have active downloads.

Yes, they have made a big leap, but have they really gotten ahead of the competition?

I didn't say this, but my last three posts including this has been part of my new Gloqwi's Soapbox, my point of view on news. If you ARE reading these, please comment or respond to these posts and share your ideas with me. I would LOVE to hear some constructive conversations.

I am also planning to remove my blog was seeing some sort of depression, where either nobody posted, or we posted crap.

To see other posts part of my new "Gloqwi's Soapbox" feature, click here.

I didn't think very long after the announcement of Rock Band 2 to notice that it might not be the greatest idea. I mean, I'm all up for the cool instruments and being able to import downloaded song to Rock Band 2, but here are the reasons why I feel confused:

Another $170 kit? They haven't reported the price, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a heafty hunk of change, and I am NOT paying for those instruments all over again.

They promised Rock Band would be a platform, and that's pretty much what I thought with all the DLC coming. Rock Band should just keep on expanding, right?

These are some of my thoughts on the release of Rock Band 2. But pretty much what I'm saying is, I spent a LOT of money buying Rock Band, do I need to spend MORE money to play Rock Band 2? Just hope that they release some more news when they appear at E3 later this year. Comment and tell me what you think, guys.

Kojima-wants to end MGS at the second game.
Tokuro-wants to keep on working on Megaman.

Kojima-works up 7 more games, latest one being MGS4.
Tokuro-has not worked on a Megaman game in ten years, latest one being Rockman and Forte: Challenger to the future.

And now this crap.

Just wanted to ask, who is the better developer? New developers should learn from this.

Oh, takin' out from all the seriousness, some AWESOME Gears of War 2 footage RIGHT here.

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