Remember the first posts on VGNO close to a year ago? Well, in one of those posts, I posted Armake21's review of Halo 3. I wanted to go back and see his videos again, and I found out his profile was deleted, so I spent about 20 minutes trying to find his new videos(because EVERYONE does that), and I found out that many people(including me)compare Armake21 to AVGN, which I think is really cool, because he doesn't seem to get paid or doesn't seem to be a very large celebrity either, even though his reviews are just as great. I also learned while looking through all the praise of Armake21, I found out about a jack@$$ named Irate Gamer who seems to be an attention wh0r3 that spams both Armake and AVGN and calls them $h17. I watched his videos for a few minutes, and I think they are terrible rip-offs. I don't hate Irate because his videos are bad(because I really can't find a reason to call them bad, seriously.), I just hate him because they are basically ripoffs of Armake and AVGN and thinks that his videos are better. Anyway, I found his new profile and started to watch a series I used to love by him, Games That Suck. The title is true to the videos, as he reviews terrible games in a very comedic way. I think that this was the first video I saw by him, and it's still one of my favorites.

To see his new profile and his amazing videos, click here. WARNING: Not suitable for children or people easily offended by swearing.

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