My Old Reviews for My Old Games: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, September 6, 2009

To bring breath back to this lifeless blog, I've decided to bring back my old reviews back from Gamespot that I posted about 2-3 years ago. They were slightly amateurish, but hey, they are good filler as I decide what I could do to make this blog worth it again. Anyway, here's my review Oblivion!

Let's start with a summary of this review. This game is awsome.

Now let's actually talk about it.

The Gameplay is a real BIG improvement after Morrowind and is still keeps the fun of Morrowind and a lot more. The main quest will keep you playing for a few hours, and after that, a whole world of fun and intresting side quests awaits you. There is also a very cool and intresting thing in this game called radiant AI, where the AI seem like real life characters, going around walking, shopping, sleeping, talking to other NPCs, and even stealing for themselves. Combat and magic systems have been greatly improved. Instead of Morrowind's, swing and hope to get a hit, you will always get a hit, and something that adds to the real life combat system is block, not avaible in Morrowind. And now, instead of switching from your weapon to you pair of hands, you can use magic without taking the time to switch your weapon. The NPCs also add on the gameplay, all having different personalities. Also something that was not avaible in Morrowind is voice commentary. When you talk to someone, they actually say something, unlike Morrowind, where it was just text whenever you asked an NPC about something. Also, the voice syncing with the NPCs' mouths is phenominal. It is almost a complete match with what they are saying. The only thing that is bad about gameplay is loading. It appears frequently slows the game down a lot. But that's only a minor complaint. All and all, the gameplay is downright awsome.

Now the graphics, the graphics are great. Everything seems very realistic. Shadowing, lighting, coloring, everything. The only thing thats bad about the graphics is that they take very long to load, and they make the game very laggy and glitchy. The game is very broken, so you can find yourself walking into a big blue of nothing a lot in the game. Going through walls, jumping outside of the actual area, all that stuff. Now straying away from the laggy part of this game, NPCs look like real life humanoids/lizardoids/tigeroids/elfs. Buildings and animals are very detailed. Nature is huge with graphics, and everything responds to the lighting of the place. Water textures are great too, responding to you moving in it to raindrops falling into it. Pretty much this; The graphics are great except the lag made by all the detailed graphics. and the glitches really take away from the realism.

Morrowind had great music and so does Oblivion. The sound, both effects and music, are outstanding. The musical compostions really give some excitement and calmness in the game. The sound effects and voice commentary really give some realism into the game. From swords clanking and banging, to getting struck with and arrow and the sound of pain it makes. From the differents sound of footsteps on different terrain, to sound of fireballs passing by and the sounds the storms make.

Now the replay value. Once you complete the Thevies guild quests with a theif, you can make a new game and make a warrior for the Fighters Guild, or a wizard for the Mages Guild, or an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, or an all-around player to try to beat all those quest lines including the main one, or be a barbarian and join the Arena, or just an adventurer going around town completing mini-quests. You can do it all and the intresting quests give this game a replau value so big, it might take years to days just to complete them all.

I had a very fun time with this game, And you should too. Everything is almost perfect. The only guys I recommened not buying this game are those people who get bored running around vast landscapes. All those other people though, are gonna have a awsome time with this game.

A 9.9

out of 10.

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