Remember the first posts on VGNO close to a year ago? Well, in one of those posts, I posted Armake21's review of Halo 3. I wanted to go back and see his videos again, and I found out his profile was deleted, so I spent about 20 minutes trying to find his new videos(because EVERYONE does that), and I found out that many people(including me)compare Armake21 to AVGN, which I think is really cool, because he doesn't seem to get paid or doesn't seem to be a very large celebrity either, even though his reviews are just as great. I also learned while looking through all the praise of Armake21, I found out about a jack@$$ named Irate Gamer who seems to be an attention wh0r3 that spams both Armake and AVGN and calls them $h17. I watched his videos for a few minutes, and I think they are terrible rip-offs. I don't hate Irate because his videos are bad(because I really can't find a reason to call them bad, seriously.), I just hate him because they are basically ripoffs of Armake and AVGN and thinks that his videos are better. Anyway, I found his new profile and started to watch a series I used to love by him, Games That Suck. The title is true to the videos, as he reviews terrible games in a very comedic way. I think that this was the first video I saw by him, and it's still one of my favorites.

To see his new profile and his amazing videos, click here. WARNING: Not suitable for children or people easily offended by swearing.

Thanks to a recent RedRant podcast I listened to a few days ago, I found a nice video podcast/show that is pretty funny and has some good humor. It is called Awesome Video Games, and it’s about some kids that are played by 20-something year olds that are in the 8-bit era and a dad(also played by a 20-something year old with a fake mustache) which is really funny. What is also really cool is the camera work, as the camera zooms in and barrel-rolls around their faces in a really cool way(since the cameraman knows the script). It starts out chuckle-funny, but as you watch through the series, you will be LOL'ing at their hilarious stupidity and their pretty cool editing skills later on in the series. Check out the first episode up there ^^^.

DeviantArt Watch 1: Bleedman

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Ok, if you ever have been on the homepage on, you probably have already seen a few of Bleedman’s pics but have never noticed it. Bleedman draws a lot of fan pics, and just as much original drawings, too. From what I have seen from his pictures, is that he takes a lot of cartoon shows and draws them in a style that makes it look like something like a professional manga, but still keeps the appearance of the original characters. He takes characters like Dexter (from Dexter’s Laboratory) and The Powerpuff Girls(from Self-Explanitory), and even the characters from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and not only makes them LOOK like a professional manga, but also makes a story that SOUNDS like a cartoon manga. He makes stories out of crossovers(if I tried to detail one of the stories, there would be about 20 crossovers and about 5 original concepts) and combines them with an extraordinary art style.

And today I will end, with an epic video.

Angry Video Game Nerd, versus Nostalgia Critic.

Anime Breakout 13: Frenchanese

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Yay! Time for a progress report in Code Lyoko.

Skipped Episode 24 straight to 25 because I kind of got tired of the filter but the concept of episode 25 sounds pretty cool and I wanted to know how they would solve that. After watching about the first 15 episodes I REALLY wanted to watch Code: Earth where the series actually takes a dive for an actual plotline. I really have nothing else to say about the show but I think I will have more to talk about when there is I get to the actual plotline(like how many people talk about the downfall of Heroes).

Sorry it’s so short, but as you might notice in a while, both of my websites will be getting updates. This will go on until the first of December, when I choose…something. I’m actually thinking about how I could keep both websites alive. As you also might see in this game, the focus of this website is changing, Instead of being a complete video game blog, this is more focused on internet culture that normal people with normal live(who think the internet destroys societies). You will be seeing a lot of other features on this website that aren’t really video game related. And who knows? This probably might only last until I start playing video games again, which I am expecting to be somewhere in early November. Anyway, enjoy the new features when you can. They might only last a while.

Gloqwi vs VGNO

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I have nothing else to write about, so let's talk about karaoke parties!

Well, I'm at someone's house right now, bored out of my mind. A few minutes ago I was forced to karaoke or else my mom would take away my GoW2 preorder(not that I REALLY want it, I just want to ask her to switch it for Fable 2, Fallout 3, LBP, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, and all the other games much better than GoW). Luckily, I only sung 2; Creep by Radiohead(SOOO lucky it was there, I never knew it was), and Bohemian Rhapsody, which was probably one of the most embarrasing moments of my month, because 1. I am actually able to sing all the hard parts of the song, and 2. The karaoke machine has NOOO idea how the song's tune actually goes, no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU SWITCH THE KEY!

Ahem, to extend the life of this post, I also decided to sign on to my mom's iTunes account and see what songs I bought back in the day. I'm not a real music person, okay?

Three Hundred by The Stereo
Disco Fiasco by Kristoffer Ragnstam
Less Talk More Rokk(Mark Saunders Remix) by Freezepop
Infected by Bad Religion
Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine
More Than A Feeling by Europe
The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails
Miss Murder by AFI
most of the Halo 2 soundtrack...
Dragosta Din Tei(remember Numa Numa? Yeah, it's that song.)

and some other ones I don't feel like posting. Phewwwwwww.......goodbye everyone!

High Score Session 3: Yay?

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Alright, time to move on to Tuesday's weekly segment. The high score session. Hell yeah, applause, woo!, and all the other exciting stuff. Welcome back from a long freaking hiatus.

Anyway, to buisness itself. I recently downloaded StepMania, and I have been working on my quite rusty DDR skills on the keyboard. I like knowing that I get better and better with less practice. I have been getting more AA's then I thought I would ever get, and these were the same songs I could barely get B's on a few months back.

And then, to actual games. I played a LOT of Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin. Ok, well, not played, exactly, because I kinda burnt out on the singleplayer, and my friend doesn't want me to replace his online data, even though he barely plays it(hasn't played it since February). I have been making a lot of huge custom maps, and watching CPUs going head-on to see who would win, and who's strategies were better. Usually, my maps are SO large that they end up being 6-hour long stalemates, until I finally end the game bored out of my mind. Then, I was alone in my car, doing what I was doing previously, waiting my mom to get some groceries. Then, I find myself narrating and commentating the things the CPU's were doing. I was pretty much saying what I thought I soldier would say when they wipe out a whole squad of bikes, infantry, or whole forces of tanks, anti-air, etc. This got me the crazy idea of making a fanfiction out of it!

..*cough*woah, did I go off on a tangent that SHOULD HAVE BEEN in this weeks Breakout. This tottally does NOT belong in the session. What does belong is:

I reached level 21 out of 26, I'm tottaly bored and have been making a hell of a lot of maps.

*checks to see if game I started 4 hours ago has ended*,

Nope. Still going.

And I have been unable to play any consoles *tear*, but when I do, this will be less of tangents, and more of actual scores.

So, until next week, see ya!

Oh, gosh. Here it goes again. I forget to even CHECK the website and now I have to make up for it with 3 posts(including this one) that I REALLY want to post but don't know if I could do. Oh well, let's go!

First off, I have been getting into a LOT of fanfiction again, and if you remember a few days ago, I posted a fanfiction from Full Metal Alchemist. Although I haven't been watching much Code Lyoko in a while(I am REALLY BUSY), I have still been trying to work my way through "Code Lyoko, a Retelling".

Then, I freaking start thinking about writing my own. Soooo, while playing Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin on the DS, I get this pretty awesome idea. What if I turn a custom game into an epic story? That would been amazing, wouldn't it? I would be able to play a very long and EPIC game of Advanced Wars, and I could add a lot of interesting narration to it!

Finally, I have my anime skills I'm still working on. I have yet to find a style that I like, as all of the styles I have tried are cool, but have no real "Cute/Awesome" to any of them. And I am TERRIBLE at drawing action scenes. I can only draw still images, and usually on portraits. I also have to work on C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y because I keep on drawing the same type of characters,'The war damaged teenage that is ownage with a sword', 'the evil and no one likes this guy but he looks so ownage and has a model VERY similar to Sephiroth but half his age', 'the emo teen that trys to find meaning to his life', etc.

Well, that's enough for a Breakout. Ok. I lied. I HARDLY believe that there was enough anime in this breakout. I kind of did this on the fly because my great idea for this week's 'out was lost in my mind. I am working on finding it, and when I do, I'll post it next week. Get ready for....High Score session!

P.S., sorry, couldn't work on a header this week, I am too busy with other things right now....

POPUP VIDEO 3: Geometry Wars

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Popup Video time! Today's theme, Geo Wars!

This video was made by Matthew McCarthy about the Xbox Live Arcade game Geometry Wars 2 titled "Geometry Wars Will Be The Death of Me". He sings about everything he hates about Geometry Wars 2, which is pretty much everything. I like this version of the song, but if you click the link, there will be a download for the studio version of the song which, in my opinion, is much better. I could say all the same things about Math class.

This is a video of pro Geo Wars player K4rn4ge getting a very, VERY high score on Waves mode in Geo Wars 2. This video is crazy! I like the end especcialy.

And this is a video of the same player getting another high score in a different mode, Evolved, which is pretty much like the first game except with the new enemies and gameplay changes. I love 1:20. It proves that even pros make mistakes.

And that's it for today! I already have something for Anime Breakout tommorow, so see you until then!

POPUP VIDEO 2:Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

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A teaser trailer apparently unlocks in BioShock that teases the game's sequel. This trailer is apparently is unlocked by beating the game. Now, probably this was only found out because 2K Marin(the developers or publishers, I forgot) just updated the game to have this. But there hasn't been any news that I heard about an update to the game, because if this is as easy as it sounds and this is how it always has been(just beat the game and look in the BioShock 2 trailer), that is just SOOO STUPID how it just became news recently(check Joystiq and Xbox 360 Fanboy) and how I also never knew about this(I only say this because I call myself the average BioShock gamer).

Anyway, the teaser trailer is really cool. It shows a supposed grown up Little Sister with a mini-Big Daddy doll(so many oxymorons), and it shows her staring out into the Atlantic. Nothing much else is shown in the trailer except that the new title for BioShock 2 is called: BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. That, to me, actually sounds like a really cool title, but does it have anything to do with the story? We will only find out when the game comes out probably next year(as the third game should already be coming out the year after.

I also found this awesome video about the evolution of dance, er, I mean, evolution of zombies in the Resident Evil series. Ok, not really the evolution of zombies, but the evolution of the game's play and graphics. Enjoi!

Now that I watched the Resident Evil 4 comparison to Resident Evil 5, it looks like the gameplay is exactly the same(and I mean EXACTLY), and everything is made to look realistic and the sound effects sound a little less compressed then in RE4, but they still sound exactly the same. It's like either the guns made cameos, or the sound effects made cameos.

POPUP VIDEO 1: Brought to you by Anime Breakout!

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, October 17, 2008 2 comments

SPOILER ALERT: For the people out there watching Full Metal Alchemist or the fanfiction "The Switch Glitch" by Zilo Sugarpill

I dunno if this might be a new feature or what, I just like adding "1:" to things because I think that I might do them again. Since I really didn't want to do an anime breakout since I would like to have that as a weekly feature(and see if I could keep it that way for a while), I made a new feature. I dunno if I'll do this often or at all, but I just felt like making this a feature instead of a video to the side of my website.

Anyway, this video came from Full Metal Alchemist while I was reading "The Switch Glitch", a fanfiction written by Zilo Sugarpill. I was on one of the chapter(chapter 27 to be exact), and there was this part in the chapter that showed a flashback to one of the scenes in the real show. Although it was just a sentence, the flashback peaked my interest and I decided to look on YouTube for it. I enjoyed it, I hope you do!

I do want to post daily, so I have to think of something to rant about right now...lemme think.

Oh yeah!

Lack of updates on VGNO?
I'm not using my computer. I'm temporarily using my mother's laptop so it doesn't have any of the feeds available for me to feed off of(pun intentional).

Why are you giving Gloqwi updates including a facelift A FEW DAYS AFTER you said that it was over?
Because I felt like making up for some promises(a lot of them)that I made to myself but never kept. I intend to fix that. And I also don't feel like writing for VGNO even if I tried.

DeviantArt art? Fanfiction fics?
Those will come later, when I have a working scanner.

So, are you putting VGNO in the same place Gloqwi was in the past summer?

Where did you get the design for the headers?
X-Play(a show on G4(a channel on TV)). They have many transitions that include shapes coming out of larger shapes, and a big circle that introduces Pro Tips and stuff like that also inspired me.

Cool. Do I like the new headers?
Well, that's for you to know, and me to find out. I HOPE I can update Anime Breakout every Monday like I did for a couple of weeks back last year.

Why is December 20th so special?
It's actually pretty obvious. But, I'll keep it a suprise until the date comes out.

Did you know Fallout 3 came out today?



And that is it for today. Hope you like today's filler!

I know I should make a post...but about what?

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Maybe that was what VGNO was for! I have nothing else to do, and I STILL have not completed my homework, but I REALLY don't feel like doing it(why must there be a SPANISH CLASS!?!??! I want to learn OTHER LANGUAGES DANGIT!!!!). Anyway, I'd just like to say I am bored....currently watching Episode 22 of Code Lyoko, waiting for the whole thing to buffer(well, at least half of it), and if my scanner was plugged in right now, I would upload a scan of my drawings and upload them to here and DeviantArt so at least I have SOMETHING to present on the internet. I should also work on a fanfiction. Code Lyoko was looming over me, but I decided that I can't really do a fanfiction on a series I haven't really gotten a complete grasp on yet. I mean, I understand the story and all, but I really can't think of a good story(except parings)and I really don't think I can get a good grasp on all the characters personalities(that's why I have reading class!).

Well, that gives me a list of things to work on when I'm bored. See you guys later!

Anime Breakout 11: Are the French hardcore?

Posted by Gloqwi Monday, October 13, 2008 1 comments

I've gotten through the first 20 episodes of Code Lyoko! Woo!...

But between episodes 14&15, I did some skimming through and there are some things I hope I will never remember, and some things that I'm going to be reading for quite a while!

If you want something very(and I mean very) short but pretty funny, read Everybody Loves Odd!

If you want to read an interesting love story, read Confused By Love(the link leads to the chapter I am on currently).

If you want to read the longest f'ing fanfic I have ever read in my entire life(I think between the 3-5 chapter it reaches the 100,000 word count, and it is currently much longer then that), read Code Lyoko: A Retelling. This is personally one of my favorite fanfictions I have ever read. For people that have never watched the show, it is kind of like the plot of the first season except with interesting twists. If you have watched the show, if you read this fic then you will be able to imagine many of the scenes clearly, however, there are some OCs(Original Characters) that you have to imagine yourself, or, if you go to the author's website, you could look at what some artists see the characters as. I highly recommened Zeakari's pictures in the fanart. The link also goes to the chapter I am currently reading. You should definetly start from the first chapter so it all makes sense.

Another form of media that I would recommend to you if you are a fan of the show is (which you should browse religiously :) ). Zeakari's fan art on DeviantArtZeakari draws in an art style that I just ADORE!! :D

And last but not least, while I was skimming through Wikipedia about info on the show(no plot or anything, just looking for channels that still broadcast), I found the website for the Free On Demand channel Kabillion available on Comcast. What is awesome about this site is that it hosts most(if not all) the episodes in Code Lyoko. My internet connection sucks so whenever I want to watch videos on YouTube, they usually cut off right in the middle and I have some real problems trying to get back to watching. I do know how to fix the problem temporarily but I don't want to go through how to do that since it's very bothersome, and besides, I already have a very dependable host! One problem with the videos is that when you click the little bar that lets you decide what time you want in the episode(ex. 4:53/10:52), be careful that if you are in the second or third part of the episode(since the video is split into parts since Kabillion shows the episode like that(no real reason, I was thinking for about 5 minutes why they would do that, and I still don't get it, it's not like you have to wait for the whole video to buffer before you watch it), if you click on a time, there is a small chance that it will start playing the last part of the video at the same time as the part you are watching, which can get very annoying sometimes. If you are lucky, and the part you are watching is longer then the last part(ex. Last part: 10:52, this part: 13:03), then once you reach the time that the last part would've ended, the sound from the last part will stop and you can actually go back to the part where the sound started and watch the part you were watching clearly.

This is probably not the end of my Code Lyoko tirades, but I threaten to promise that the website will be updated more then it recently has been(as in, at least 1 post a week :P). I am currently on episode 20, and I just keep lovin' it more and more. Oh, I almost forgot, watch the pilot episode for Code Lyoko titled: Garage Kids, which shows the earlier concept of the show, as in the kids have powers outside of Lyoko(which was called Xanadu)and has a MUCH darker storyline. The voice actors also sound very French and are not very fluent in English, but that's just the voice actors. The animation is not as detailed, it doesn't move as smoothly, the 3D models look awkward, and animation has a lot of blurry transitions(which I actually kind of like, I mean, they kind of remind me of a flash movie, but flash movies aren't done in pen, well, I mean, they are, but, you know what I mean). You can watch it right here:

Am i dead yet or what?

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Looks like I can't let go of an old friend, and I don't really feel like writing for VGNO right now. So, I will stop making promises and only start to threaten making promises(because I know I will), right...about....


Now let me get on with my buisness. After I'm done, I'm coming with a Anime Breakout 11!

Oh, crap, I made another promise. Can you forget about that one?

Wait, did I mention the logo? Do you like or what?

Anime Breakout 10: Well, technically, a "French anime"

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Yea. Code Lyoko is kinda not really an official anime, but it's based off of an anime. Code Lyoko you say? Yes. That show. Okay, I should explain.

I watched the first 9 episodes on youtube after I went through my old music and found "Un Monde Sans Danger" & "A World Without Danger", the French and English version of the Code Lyoko theme song. I also was going through thoughts of what I did back in the day(because I count three years ago "back in the day") and I remember always walking home early just to watch Miguzi on Cartoon Network(I also used to watch Xiaolin Showdown, but 1.I don't even consider that as an anime and 2.I don't have any interest in going back to that). Ahh, good times, good times.

And I'm really starting to take interest into it again. Go ahead, make fun of me. You might hurt my feelings, but I'm still going to watch it.

I do have to say two things though:

1. Terrible @$$ puns.

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