The two met each other while playing Halo 2. They are both gamers. They want to marry each other. The bride-yes, that's right. The BRIDE-comes up with the great idea of making the wedding Halo themed; her avatar was embroidered into her wedding dress, favors that look like plasma grenades contained in a little box that says,"Happily stuck together",organized a violin quartet to play "Unforgotten", the music that plays in the Halo 3 main menu, and has someone dress up as Master Chief to preside the marriage.

I now present to you, "A match made in Halo".

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That's right! Until today, Golden Lancers were only available by purchasing the limited edition copy of Gears of War 2. Now, every new copy of the game contains a voucher for the Golden Lancer and is also available for free on XBLM. For the time being, it's free. Download it now so you don't have to think about whether or not it will stay that way.

Click here to download the Golden Lancer onto your Xbox.

P.S. If you are wondering about these links, has released a feature that allows you to download content right off of onto your Xbox 360 from your internet browser! Yay!

Thanks Xbox 360 Fanboy(now currently known as Joystiq [Xbox]).

UPDATE: This only seems to work on's marketplace, not Xbox Live's Marketplace.

The long awaited Resident Evil 5 demo has finally come out on Xbox Live Marketplace! Sadly, the PS3 will not be getting this demo for a while. The demo features 3 levels on two stages(if they are as long as RE4's chapters, that should equal to about 2 hours of gameplay, but it doesn't.); Assembly Place and Shanty Town(which was featured in E3 08', as shown in the video below), and allows for 2 PLAYER CO-OP with AI, local, or OVER XBOX LIVE. You can tell by the caps lock that it is very exciting news(although I already played the Japanese version-OOPS! Should I be saying that?)

Best Buy is having a pretty decent sale during January 25th thru the 31st.

Left 4 Dead (PC) is going for $39.99.
Sorry Xbox 360 owners, no deals for you.

Halo 3 is going for $39.99.
If you want to purchase the finale of the legendary trilogy and still #1 played Xbox Live game for a year, this is the time to do so!

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers going for $39.99!

And get a free 3-Month Xbox Live Gold card with a purchase of Gears of War 2($59.99)!
The cards usually sell for $20, so if you still don't have Gears of War 2, NOW is the time to get it!

There are some pretty sweet deals here, so don't miss out because this sale ends on the 31st.

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