A new Library of Games Podcast episode? Where?!? Oh, look at that! You weren't kidding!

Why have we not released one in so long? Because Kaillif is a lazy piece of crap editor, that's why! The new editor is mu--- oh, it's still him. Oh well. At least he put one ou--- it's only five minutes long?!?

Yeah, just to let you guys know, our podcast has been recording episodes ever since. I just never got to editing them. So now I bring you episode 10.5! We are re-branding and rethinking our podcast layout, so expect something clean, professional, and brand new next week! But it's still worth listening to this one! Join in on the conversation and post what you think about our thoughts.

This week:

We've got exciting stuff for next week! Top 10 BATTLES! We have these new features, it's going to be FLIPPIN' GREAT!

[Download Here! Listen to it. Love it. Live it.]

Intro and Outro: Am I Awake by They Might Be Giants

Hallo, one and everyone! This week has been filled with excitement and success!

Supesharu Anaunsumento! The Library of Games podcast is coming back with a new episode either later today or tomorrow! We're planning to rebrand that shiz and turn it into something much more interesting now...

And now for the super exciting awesome news surrounding my success!

I can beat Painkiller and Panic Attack on Expert Drums now! WOOT WOOT! I mean, not with a very good score, or anything. Just that this proves that I have been getting better and better over time!

Also, I may be broadcasting over UStream often now! Here's a link to my channel that will be updated over time...

Wow! Blogger has made it much easier to edit in pictures! Woot!

And also, I may have just gotten Street Fighter IV gifted to me by a very nice person just now. Stay tuned!

Everything is going amazingly fine today! I feel great!

Why haven't you posted anything lately, Kaillif?

Because I'm having fun playing video games.

Playing video games? Does that mean...

Yes. That means I'm not grounded anymore.

Holy shiz, dude.

I know.

But seriously. Can't you post anything?

Too..busy...kicking ass...this is what I've done in the past week...

Beat Mass Effect 2 [3 days after I started it, 25 hours and 32 minutes.]

Played Left 4 Dead 2 [Not for long. Didn't have any fun since there was no one to play with.]

Played Rock Band 2... I finally have beaten "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails on Expert Drums...

...and the biggest story... is [Played Battlefield: Bad Company 2].

I kick. So. Much. Ass. At. That. Game.


I hated this match. My squad freaking sucked. We won, but I carried the damn team:

Different match:
Consistent pwnage as I leveled up.

Ahh... good times.

Well, that's it!

Oh, and awful news.

My computer died.




Yeah, an Err1Err3 error. Basically, my computer can't detect a hard drive which means either I dropped my computer and my hard drive disconnected, or a virus destroyed it's existence.

Yeah, didn't have to think to hard on that one.

Working hard on finding the money to replace the hard drive. I have a friend who will =very kindly= loan his copy of Windows Vista or 7 to install. Thank you, M.

Now that's really it.



1:30 seconds. 27 helicopters. 0.3 helicopters per second. 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer:

And did you ever wanna know how many helicopters there were in Call of Duty 4? No? Still, read it. It's EVERY SINGLE DAMN HELICOPTER IN THE GAME!

My Valve Pipe Dream: Sony ♥ Steam/Valve

Posted by Gloqwi Thursday, June 17, 2010 0 comments

HA! Get it? A VALVE pipe-dream? Because of valve pipes? And pipe dreams? And their name is Valve!?!?


Well, I'm a bit late to doing E3 expectations (since it's kinda, ya' know, the LAST DAY today), so instead I just wanted to do a dream sorta-thing. Something that I wish will happen but hope to God will happen. But hey, Valve always manages to surprise me. Today's focus? The mentioned new partnership between Sony and Valve. I hope they make beautiful children...

Sony ♥ Valve 1: Cross-platform co-op.

So the fact that there is going to be a co-op mode in Portal 2 is already a great surprise. And knowing Valve, it's not going to be a crappy tacked-on co-op mode. But what would make me that happiest gamer in the world (and might possibly like the PS3 more than the Xbox 360 O.O) would be the addition of cross-platform co-op. Being able to play the co-op mode with people who own the PS3 version if I owned the PC version, or vice versa. I wouldn't have to desperately catch up with my friend who always wants me to get the PS3 version of a game I REALLY want to get on the PC (not without reason, his PC doesn't seem like it could handle a lot), and I could just play with people who just don't want to bother playing games on their PC's (because PC gaming is cheap up until comes to hardware...).

Sony ♥ Valve 2: Fully-integrated Stream overlay.

If I could somehow make it so I could integrate my Steam account with my PSN account (since making either of those is free) and I could access things like modded-maps made from the PC version, than I would be a happy-happy-joy-joy person!

Sony ♥ Valve 3: Mouse & Keyboard Support.

Yeah, as you can see, I'm basically asking my PS3 to become a computer. There are some challenge levels that I just can't complete fast/precisely enough on the consoles because of the controller. Just gimmie a mouse and keyboard, and THEN I can beast.

Sony ♥ Valve 4: Half-Life 2 Episode 3.

Yeah. That's most definitely a dream.


I think I had other ones, but I probably forgot about them because I was surfing the internet for awesome images. Yeah.

E3 Day Anything: The Only Thing That Matters:

Posted by Gloqwi Tuesday, June 15, 2010 0 comments

"I've been being really busy being dead...you know...after you MURDERED ME."

New companion (one that actually speaks!)! New puzzle elements (heat lasers, gravity beams, vents, jumping gel, sliding gel, and jump pads!)

I was able to beat the last game in a simple 5-something-hours. This game, looks, HARD!

All you needed to know about Day's 0-1 of E3 (everything that interested me. :P) - Part 1: Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo

Microsoft's press conference was mediocre! Only thing super-special awesome is the new slim Xbox 360! Built-in Wi-Fi! 250GB Hard Drive! Same price! Looks sweet!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising also looks pretty damn kick-ass! Hideo never lets me down!

Fable 3 has been dated for October 26

Halo: Reach going to have space battles! XD


And then there was Ubisoft's conference.... oh my god... (in a bad way)

Everything completely sucked for the most part. Only notable things:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks to be kick ass.

A new Driver game has been announced! (To tell you the truth, I've never heard of the Driver series before this). Driver: San Francisco. Actually looks kinda cool!


And absolutely nothing was said about this "game", but there was a hella lot of dancing (don't worry, good dancing), and some blasting music. "Music by who?", you might ask? Well... Michael Jackson.


And now: Day 1. Nintendo's keynote. I would actually go so far as to say it was the best of all of them...I've never been so happy Nintendo has been kicking ass...:

Zelda: Skyward Sword announced!

Epic Mickey displayed! Very interesting concept actually!

Metroid: Other M has more shown of it... I am now VERY interested...

3DS detailed:

Depth Slider to control the 3D effect:

Motion sensor and a gyro sensor on the 3DS. Also, 2 camera lenses for 3D picture taking!

New Kid Icarus game announced! Kid Icarus: Uprising. Best description of it: It's a 3DS game, to clarify. It just LOOKS like a Wii game. And he is sorry to keep you waiting!

HOLY CRAP! Kingdom Hearts 3D game announced for the 3DS!

And last thing about Nintendo: Metal Gear Solid Franchise coming to the DS.

Gloqwi Today 6.14.10 - Failure to Commit

Posted by Gloqwi Monday, June 14, 2010 0 comments

So I was supposed to have a lot of exciting stuff up today, but things caught me by suprise:

1. Oh! We have to record a podcast every Monday! I almost forgot!

2. Oh! I still have to edit the last two podcasts and this week's because an E3 podcast is almost completely useless if not posted the day of...

3. E3 has already started! Microsoft is already done with their conference while Ubisoft was finishing their's up on my ride home!

4. Anime/Breakout still needs to be done!

Current schedule:

  • Block out any fun at YouMedia.
  • Post up Post-Day:1 E3 impressions.
  • Download editing software at YouMedia and edit up the podcast there OR Anime/Breakout!
  • Watch streaming E3 coverage!

YouMedia: Now home of clumsy video game journalist Kaillif Ammen! XD

I hope whoever has been reading this has enjoyed my mostly consistent posting! As celebration for me finally reaching episode 53 of Inazuma Eleven (I would call it a season ending since episode 51-52 was an hour long special and the ED changed) and E3 is starting tomorrow, I would like to announce a couple of things!

NEW ANIME/MANGA BREAKOUT: 19 - Inazuma Eleven has gotten really good. Much better than the point I was at before (around the end of the first season). I also want to bring back the "every Monday" thing for Anime/Manga breakout thing that I always tried doing and failing. Now that I'm at least updating steadily but not overdoing it, I would like to see this site come back, and something to look forward to is always a good start.

E3 SUPESHARUS! (E3 specials for those who don't want to read it aloud :P) - With E3 starting tomorrow and Twitter fully in my grasp, I will be able to talk about everything I am totally excited for and everything else I feel the need to mention!

I'm excited, are you? *crickets chirp* OKAY! LET'S DO THIS!

Gloqwi Today 6.12.10 - Cat. I'm a Copycat.

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[As of typing: Inazuma Eleven Episode 34]

Yeah, call me a copycat and getting on the rebranding train, but hey! I'm posting much more often than I used to and I think it's time to start a new. When I saw Joystiq and their new logo and how awesome their new design is, I just had to do it for myself as well. I decided to go font shopping and downloaded a huge collection of fonts to choose from.
While testing one of the fonts, I noticed that the actual font was so big so that when I tried typing Gloqwi in it, the only letters that would appear would be G L O. I didn't really think much of it, but then I thought, "a LOT of people misspell my Gamertag. I could even think about changing the site's name to GLO and it will work much better!" But then I thought that maybe changing the site's name was a bit too extreme, so I was thinking of a way to make GLO work. I then came up with the perfect acronym! Game Loving Otaku! It fit perfectly! It was like I subconsciously thought about this when I was made my Gamertag 3 years ago...
But I wanted to be even more Asian about it, so I just made it Gēmu. It also looks cooler that way. XD
I decided to make that my brand subtitle, and then I also found the PERFECT font for the new logo. And it is now what you see today. :P You could check out the old version of my logo, the new version, and the unused version, plus the Joystiq logo it's based of off in that little bitty picture there!

Gēmu Otaku - Rock Band: Serious Battles are Serious

Posted by Gloqwi Thursday, June 10, 2010 0 comments

[As of writing: Inazuma Eleven Episode 27-28]

So, no doubt I am basically the best Rock Band player of the usuals at YouMedia. I can own at guitar, pretty awesome at drums, and can sing anything on Expert.
Today, around 4 or 5, I decided to approach the available PS3 next to the pillar. I wanted to go there because it reminded me that the Green Day: Rock Band demo finally got installed. As I was playing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", I saw some guys who didn't look much older than me walk in and ask if they could play. I played both available songs on the demo and finally decided to switch over to Rock Band 2. The guy I was playing with was playing the drums and said I could choose any song. I decided to play "Give It All" which is a pretty challenging song for the guitar and drums and I notice he chose Expert difficulty, which shocked me. What shocked me the most was:

He was hitting the notes.

More notes than probably I could hit.

Now, he isn't the first person I met that is better than me at the game, but I haven't met anyone better than me at the drums. Also, his friend took over for him as well and, although he wasn't quite as good and not as good as I was, he was still much better than anyone else at YouMedia. I would've expected myself to get mad, but I was actually pretty damn happy that I've finally met people I could play at my level with (there are people on Xbox Live I play with that can do the same, but I'm really happy that I could take it to a couch-co-op play session)

After they left and feeling a bit competitive, I decided to connect the PS3 to the internet and play 1-on-1 against some people online. I played a couple of Tug of War matches with a guy and I was kickin' ass (even when he switched down to Hard difficulty while I was still on Expert). I knew that Tug of War wasn't where the people I was looking for were playing, so I switched over to Score Duel. That's when I met a guy named Doob. Right at the start, before we got to even playing a single song, he seemed to already know what he was doing, going straight for Carry On Wayward Son and choosing Expert Guitar for both of us immediately.

Simply put: he smoked me.

I got wrecked by about 30,000 point which is a pretty huge gap. I felt crappy but at the same time excited. People watching me were shocked that there was someone better than me and were trying to support me while it was the first time they've ever saw me lose.

Now it was my turn to choose the song. Maybe I could turn the tides. Actually, no. What was going through my mind was "let's see if this guy can do something I can't." So I went straight for Panic Attack on Expert Guitar knowing that I was pretty decent at the song. Maybe I could stand a chance. I couldn't lose that bad, could I?

I lost by about 100,000 points. I was somewhere around 200k while he was sitting proudly somewhere around 300k. I was in shock. I knew I wasn't awesome like the people I see on YouTube, but I didn't think I was THAT bad, and I knew most people that saw me at YouMedia thought I was pretty kickass. (just because I want to, I'm going to say that the battle was pretty damn epic. I was hitting notes I usually never hit before with some pretty dramatic and awesome music) Having them see that raised their standards and also raised mine.

I surprisingly felt really good and accomplished even though I got myself whooped. I had described it to someone like this: It's like an anime. There are the normal people who are decent at what they do. And then there are the super-powerful people. The ones that have some sort of hidden power that can't be seen until they need to use it. The awesome ones that are recognized as awesome after you see them once. They are super-cool and super-important and, even though they do most of their things with seemingly normal people, they break out into incredible awesomeness when they decide it's time to take things seriously. I feel like I'm one of those awesome people at YouMedia, and, just like an anime, I seem to have encountered my foreign enemy who's skill rivals against mine and I will have to try hard to become better (and maybe even the best).

Wow. Writing that makes me realize how cliché that is. The thing that makes this much more real is that the people that I consider rivals probably don't care as much as I do. They probably think I take the game way to seriously. You probably think the same as well. But it's fun to take things seriously like that. It makes you feel important and powerful in your own way. I treat video games like Endou treats soccer, or how Hikaru treats Go, or how Dynamite treats DDR. They are at the top tier of their game, but then they encounter higher tiers and things get really interesting. Yeah, that's EXACTLY how I treat it.

[As of typing: In Lunchroom. 8:55 AM, typing on Andrew's computer]

Okay, so as of now, the game I am most excited for this year (and I am shocked myself) is Rock Band 3. New keyboard peripheral to beast (that works as an actual MIDI controller), new Pro difficulty mode to kick-ass in, new 25-fret guitars to shred for said-mode, beautiful new look, all the DLC from all the other games work, you can change difficulty and/or instrument during songs (like Guitar Hero 5 convenienty allowed you to do), drop-in drop-out multiplayer, refined animations, and freakin' "Bohemian Rhapsody". The game wants you to experience the band more than ever now. They've improved the character models and you can actually see your band go in the van for shows and even practice! They even appear when you are choosing songs! YouMedia, I'm tellin' ya guys right now, insta buy. I will work the blog to the skies if you do. Can't wait until it finally comes out Holiday 2010.

The songs I'm most excited about:
Crazy Train -- Ozzy Osbourne
Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots
I Love Rock and Roll -- Joan Jett
Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen

For more info about the keyboard, click here.

For more on what's new and notable about Rock Band 3, click here.

[As of typing: Blackhawks 3, Flyers 2, third period]

Quick one today! So, chatting with my friend while watching the Blackhawks game, I was wondering if there were any anime's of Hockey. Googling "hockey anime" like the smart person I am, I....wait...

[Score now: Blackhawks 3, Flyers 3, 5 minutes before the game would've ended] Dangit.

Anyway, I find a manga called "My Heavenly Hockey Club" (as shown above). Looks a bit familar, sounds a bit familar, and apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed this (by the way, I HOPE that you noticed without my help), and apparently it is a combination of this and The Mighty Ducks, except without the "slowly getting better and winning". Actually, I don't think they played a single game at all. You could read a better read-up here. I might take a quick peek...

Anyway, I was also wondering why there isn't a hockey anime anyway. I then found a post that basically sums it up perfectly. Other than the fact that hockey really isn't popular in Japan, this might also be a factor.

That's it for tonight! I hope I'm updating enough for you imaginary readers! XD


Gloqwi Today 6.8.10 - 3 Days of Work... and WHAT!?!

Posted by Gloqwi Tuesday, June 8, 2010 0 comments

[As of typing: Episode 27 of Inazuma Eleven]

So, I'm basically here to come and apologize for the next 3 days. I'm going to be swamped by studying for the finals. But to stay a bit lively, here are two things that shocked me today:

INAZUMA ELEVEN'S ENGLISH DUB APPARENTLY DEBUTED YESTERDAY. I just read it somewhere, and I'm still looking for it. Maybe it's wrong, but I'm still going to try looking for it.

And, also apparently, my theatre teacher's husband apparently looked over my blog recently. Which kind of sent me into a state of alert. It's awesome, no doubt. But now I know what it feels like to be watchful of what I post on the interweb. :P.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day. Good luck on finals, other freshmen in highschool!

P.S. I noticed that I didn't do an introductory sort of thing for Inazuma Eleven. While I won't do a whole thing here, I will post the opening of the show that includes a song that has been stuck in my head for a while. Not an amazing song (like, say, the ending for Ouran High School Host Club), but still catchy. Oh, and thanks for reading, Rob! XD

[As of writing: "Inazuma Eleven" Episode 17]
Hai guys! I told you I would type something else up! I said Inazuma Eleven, I bring Inazuma Eleven!
Here's a good summary of the show: Soccer + Special Abilities = Inazuma Eleven. If you watch it with a knowledge that it's based off a video game but haven't seen the game, you can kinda see how the game works. Each character has a specialization and a special move that they can use under certain circumstances. For example: the main character, Endou, the goalie, has a special move called God Hand which can basically be used to protect against any shot. Or Goenji, the main forward, has a move called Fire Tornado that is a powerful shot that can usually bypass normal attempts to block. The characters can also work together to make stronger versions of their moves or completely new abilities. Example, Goenji and Someoka who has a special ability called Dragon Crash, another powerful shot, can combine to make an almost unstoppable shot.

The story of the show is pretty basic, a team who had no chance of winning before has gained hope and has slowly become a very strong upstart team who has been winning against unfavorable odds. They enter a competition in the chance that they might be able to compete in a larger national competition. The main character leading the team is a descendant of a legendary player part of a legendary team of players called the Inazuma Eleven. He is also trying to revive that in his team. But there is an evil force out there looking out to win no matter what the cost: sabotaging their bus, organizing a team of soccer cyborgs to take them out, and sabotaging the stadium for things like, say, having the roof collapse on them. Yeah.
It's a good anime. Not a super-special-awesome-Ouran kind of Anime, but still a pretty good anime. I'm not going to lie, I was forcing myself to get passed the first couple of episodes, and then it got awesome somewhere around episode 9. It's enjoyable, and I want to keep watching it because I always missed anime's during their original runs, so I want to catch up and watch a show that no one I know seems to know. There is also another reason that's probably larger than this reason, but I'm........not going to talk about it. Seriously, though, I love watching it! And I think my 53 minutes of waiting for Megavideo are up! Time to get back to watching it! :D I'm a year late, but I can catch up. I'm at episode 17, the show is at 81, and it's apparently been extended to 2011. Sweet!

Gloqwi 6.5.10 - Über Short: Part Deux

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And so marks the first post of June of many! So many promises made, so many unfulfilled. I'm going to work on that. Other than the fact that Megavideo just told me I watched 72 minutes of video and I have to wait 54 minutes to watch more, I want to be able to update more and more! Sure, I could be spending this time reading "For The Win", or uploading "Library of Games" episodes onto Podbean, but I'm going to do this instead! To-Do List time!

Anime's recommended to me by fellow otakus that I need to watch (* denotes a show I'm ashamed I haven't seen yet):

  • Death Note*
  • Code Geass*
  • Monster

Manga recommended to me:

  • Gantz

Anime's indirectly recommended to me that I will think about watching:

  • K-On!
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Gintama

Shows I am currently watching:

  • Inazuma Eleven

As you can see, there is only one thing on my "currently watching" list. The show is pretty awesome (not in an Ouran way, but in an impressive way), and I'll probably be doing a write-up about the first 12 episodes I saw of it (because I know I'm going to regret it if I don't). That's all for today, though! Expect something tomorrow!

Also, be cautioned. Layout may be changing soon. Yeah, I know, I do it all the time and I should stop doing it so frequently, but the layout actually has been causing some problems that kinda get on my nerves. Text displays weird, color scheme could be a bit better, pictures are previewed terribly, etc.. As much as I want to keep it, I need to start looking for something else.

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