As much as I loathe April Fools Day, there are some jokes that make me very happy to know that there is such a day.
Remember IGN's Legend of Zelda Movie April Fools trailer? It was totally awesome and made you wish that this movie was actually made! (well, at least, I thought that). Well, IGN has decided to do it again, this time, taking Halo and...something else (don't worry, it's obvious once you watch it). The video is hilariously fantastic!

But this is the best one.

So did you hear about that secret sex scene in Mass Effect 2 that can only be reached through playing as a female Shepard? She get's it on ELCOR! Here! See for yourself!

By the way, I hope you know this is fake. But it's HILARIOUS, isn't it?

Happy April Fools Day!

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