As most of you are well aware, Gears of War 2 has a pretty crappy ranking system: Impossible to explain, impossible to progress.

Epic Games' answer? A title update! Hitting XBL on March 24th, this update will give players a more Call of Duty-esque system for leveling up; the more points you gain, the more experience points you get, the more you progress through your level(as seen at the top screenshot). Even better? You automatically gain 250 EXP just by downloading the update.

Even better than this? The week after the update (March 31st), Epic will be releasing a new map pack containing 4 new maps, Grindyard, Under Hill and, Courtyard, and a original Gears of War map Fuel Depot! A price has not been confirmed yet, but, if I may include my own opinion, I think this map pack has come at the right time as I have almost completely lost interest in playing this game back in January. Hopefully the EXP system will get me back into it, and I LOOOVED Fuel Depot back in the day, some of the best overnights of my life.

(Via Kotaku)

I saw, many moons ago, this video on some other site. A hilarious prank on a live talk radio show, a man impersonates Gordon Freeman (from Half Life) and talks about a man apparently stalking him(as he calls, the G-Man). He also mentions a friend from security (Barney) and his administrator (Breen). He also talks about "portal technology". Only people that have played Half Life (or maybe possibly even Portal) will get this. A revisit to my Favorites list again! Listen to it, raise your spirits for an hour.

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