Bye for now....AGAIN!

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Remember what happened on the same day last year? Yeah, it happened again, except this time, without reason.

Awesome news for you Call of Duty: World at War online players out there, it's double EXP weekend throughout January 30th-which is TODAY!-to February 1st! Not only that, but they are also releasing two new playlists; Team Tactical(4v4) and Mercenary Team Deathmatch(no parties allowed). Team Tactical, of course, is a a playlist that rotates around team-based matches, while Mercenary Team Deathmatch just pits random people together to team-up.

If you would like to suggest a playlist to Treyarch to add to the game, you can go to the forums by clicking here.

A game where you bounce on all the platforms and reach the finish with the most points possible. Sound like something that came out 27 years ago? Well, it's very damn similar. Artoon is like a revised version of Q*Bert, with slight twists. You are small bouncing ball and you must change the color of most of the platforms to finish.

Let's start out with the features that make this game different. There are a multitude of different levels with 5 different types of worlds the player can be in. Every world has a different feature or art style that makes them unique, such as; everything is neon in one world, if you looks towards one side of the world there is a large screen effect which makes it harder(not really, it's annoying, though) for you to progress, etc. Every level is pretty easy but it will take a little bit of work to get an A+ rank on all of them.

The bad things of the game are as follows, the style function is almost useless. If you can get every single platform in a row(which doesn't take a much of a while to figure out), then you already get the A+. That's another thing, this game is not very challenging. The levels with the screen effects are easy because you barely have to turn the camera around anywhere to beat a level. You could beat the whole game looking backwards if you have to.

All in all, I don't think it's worth $5. Something a little more worth your money would be Groov, which is $2.50. If you would like to try the game yourself, click here to download it to your 360. has released a(read: ONE) hi-res screenshot of the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack map of Sandbox. From what sources our leading us to believe is that it seems that, if you look closely, every single object in the map is movable. Information leaked from that official Australian Xbox blog would also lead us to believe that the map pack will cost 800 Microsoft points and will be released on March 3rd. The blog also has leaked information on both Orbital and Assembly, the two other maps in the pack.

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