High Score Session 3: Yay?

Posted by Gloqwi Tuesday, October 21, 2008 0 comments

Alright, time to move on to Tuesday's weekly segment. The high score session. Hell yeah, applause, woo!, and all the other exciting stuff. Welcome back from a long freaking hiatus.

Anyway, to buisness itself. I recently downloaded StepMania, and I have been working on my quite rusty DDR skills on the keyboard. I like knowing that I get better and better with less practice. I have been getting more AA's then I thought I would ever get, and these were the same songs I could barely get B's on a few months back.

And then, to actual games. I played a LOT of Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin. Ok, well, not played, exactly, because I kinda burnt out on the singleplayer, and my friend doesn't want me to replace his online data, even though he barely plays it(hasn't played it since February). I have been making a lot of huge custom maps, and watching CPUs going head-on to see who would win, and who's strategies were better. Usually, my maps are SO large that they end up being 6-hour long stalemates, until I finally end the game bored out of my mind. Then, I was alone in my car, doing what I was doing previously, waiting my mom to get some groceries. Then, I find myself narrating and commentating the things the CPU's were doing. I was pretty much saying what I thought I soldier would say when they wipe out a whole squad of bikes, infantry, or whole forces of tanks, anti-air, etc. This got me the crazy idea of making a fanfiction out of it!

..*cough*woah, did I go off on a tangent that SHOULD HAVE BEEN in this weeks Breakout. This tottally does NOT belong in the session. What does belong is:

I reached level 21 out of 26, I'm tottaly bored and have been making a hell of a lot of maps.

*checks to see if game I started 4 hours ago has ended*,

Nope. Still going.

And I have been unable to play any consoles *tear*, but when I do, this will be less of tangents, and more of actual scores.

So, until next week, see ya!

Oh, gosh. Here it goes again. I forget to even CHECK the website and now I have to make up for it with 3 posts(including this one) that I REALLY want to post but don't know if I could do. Oh well, let's go!

First off, I have been getting into a LOT of fanfiction again, and if you remember a few days ago, I posted a fanfiction from Full Metal Alchemist. Although I haven't been watching much Code Lyoko in a while(I am REALLY BUSY), I have still been trying to work my way through "Code Lyoko, a Retelling".

Then, I freaking start thinking about writing my own. Soooo, while playing Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin on the DS, I get this pretty awesome idea. What if I turn a custom game into an epic story? That would been amazing, wouldn't it? I would be able to play a very long and EPIC game of Advanced Wars, and I could add a lot of interesting narration to it!

Finally, I have my anime skills I'm still working on. I have yet to find a style that I like, as all of the styles I have tried are cool, but have no real "Cute/Awesome" to any of them. And I am TERRIBLE at drawing action scenes. I can only draw still images, and usually on portraits. I also have to work on C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y because I keep on drawing the same type of characters,'The war damaged teenage that is ownage with a sword', 'the evil and no one likes this guy but he looks so ownage and has a model VERY similar to Sephiroth but half his age', 'the emo teen that trys to find meaning to his life', etc.

Well, that's enough for a Breakout. Ok. I lied. I HARDLY believe that there was enough anime in this breakout. I kind of did this on the fly because my great idea for this week's 'out was lost in my mind. I am working on finding it, and when I do, I'll post it next week. Get ready for....High Score session!

P.S., sorry, couldn't work on a header this week, I am too busy with other things right now....

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