I do want to post daily, so I have to think of something to rant about right now...lemme think.

Oh yeah!

Lack of updates on VGNO?
I'm not using my computer. I'm temporarily using my mother's laptop so it doesn't have any of the feeds available for me to feed off of(pun intentional).

Why are you giving Gloqwi updates including a facelift A FEW DAYS AFTER you said that it was over?
Because I felt like making up for some promises(a lot of them)that I made to myself but never kept. I intend to fix that. And I also don't feel like writing for VGNO even if I tried.

DeviantArt art? Fanfiction fics?
Those will come later, when I have a working scanner.

So, are you putting VGNO in the same place Gloqwi was in the past summer?

Where did you get the design for the headers?
X-Play(a show on G4(a channel on TV)). They have many transitions that include shapes coming out of larger shapes, and a big circle that introduces Pro Tips and stuff like that also inspired me.

Cool. Do I like the new headers?
Well, that's for you to know, and me to find out. I HOPE I can update Anime Breakout every Monday like I did for a couple of weeks back last year.

Why is December 20th so special?
It's actually pretty obvious. But, I'll keep it a suprise until the date comes out.

Did you know Fallout 3 came out today?



And that is it for today. Hope you like today's filler!


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