POPUP VIDEO 2:Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

Posted by Gloqwi Saturday, October 18, 2008

A teaser trailer apparently unlocks in BioShock that teases the game's sequel. This trailer is apparently is unlocked by beating the game. Now, probably this was only found out because 2K Marin(the developers or publishers, I forgot) just updated the game to have this. But there hasn't been any news that I heard about an update to the game, because if this is as easy as it sounds and this is how it always has been(just beat the game and look in the BioShock 2 trailer), that is just SOOO STUPID how it just became news recently(check Joystiq and Xbox 360 Fanboy) and how I also never knew about this(I only say this because I call myself the average BioShock gamer).

Anyway, the teaser trailer is really cool. It shows a supposed grown up Little Sister with a mini-Big Daddy doll(so many oxymorons), and it shows her staring out into the Atlantic. Nothing much else is shown in the trailer except that the new title for BioShock 2 is called: BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. That, to me, actually sounds like a really cool title, but does it have anything to do with the story? We will only find out when the game comes out probably next year(as the third game should already be coming out the year after.

I also found this awesome video about the evolution of dance, er, I mean, evolution of zombies in the Resident Evil series. Ok, not really the evolution of zombies, but the evolution of the game's play and graphics. Enjoi!

Now that I watched the Resident Evil 4 comparison to Resident Evil 5, it looks like the gameplay is exactly the same(and I mean EXACTLY), and everything is made to look realistic and the sound effects sound a little less compressed then in RE4, but they still sound exactly the same. It's like either the guns made cameos, or the sound effects made cameos.


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