High Score Session 3: Yay?

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alright, time to move on to Tuesday's weekly segment. The high score session. Hell yeah, applause, woo!, and all the other exciting stuff. Welcome back from a long freaking hiatus.

Anyway, to buisness itself. I recently downloaded StepMania, and I have been working on my quite rusty DDR skills on the keyboard. I like knowing that I get better and better with less practice. I have been getting more AA's then I thought I would ever get, and these were the same songs I could barely get B's on a few months back.

And then, to actual games. I played a LOT of Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin. Ok, well, not played, exactly, because I kinda burnt out on the singleplayer, and my friend doesn't want me to replace his online data, even though he barely plays it(hasn't played it since February). I have been making a lot of huge custom maps, and watching CPUs going head-on to see who would win, and who's strategies were better. Usually, my maps are SO large that they end up being 6-hour long stalemates, until I finally end the game bored out of my mind. Then, I was alone in my car, doing what I was doing previously, waiting my mom to get some groceries. Then, I find myself narrating and commentating the things the CPU's were doing. I was pretty much saying what I thought I soldier would say when they wipe out a whole squad of bikes, infantry, or whole forces of tanks, anti-air, etc. This got me the crazy idea of making a fanfiction out of it!

..*cough*woah, did I go off on a tangent that SHOULD HAVE BEEN in this weeks Breakout. This tottally does NOT belong in the session. What does belong is:

I reached level 21 out of 26, I'm tottaly bored and have been making a hell of a lot of maps.

*checks to see if game I started 4 hours ago has ended*,

Nope. Still going.

And I have been unable to play any consoles *tear*, but when I do, this will be less of tangents, and more of actual scores.

So, until next week, see ya!


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