Anime Breakout 18: Stand Up! Stand Up! Tachiagari yo!

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, June 6, 2010

[As of writing: "Inazuma Eleven" Episode 17]
Hai guys! I told you I would type something else up! I said Inazuma Eleven, I bring Inazuma Eleven!
Here's a good summary of the show: Soccer + Special Abilities = Inazuma Eleven. If you watch it with a knowledge that it's based off a video game but haven't seen the game, you can kinda see how the game works. Each character has a specialization and a special move that they can use under certain circumstances. For example: the main character, Endou, the goalie, has a special move called God Hand which can basically be used to protect against any shot. Or Goenji, the main forward, has a move called Fire Tornado that is a powerful shot that can usually bypass normal attempts to block. The characters can also work together to make stronger versions of their moves or completely new abilities. Example, Goenji and Someoka who has a special ability called Dragon Crash, another powerful shot, can combine to make an almost unstoppable shot.

The story of the show is pretty basic, a team who had no chance of winning before has gained hope and has slowly become a very strong upstart team who has been winning against unfavorable odds. They enter a competition in the chance that they might be able to compete in a larger national competition. The main character leading the team is a descendant of a legendary player part of a legendary team of players called the Inazuma Eleven. He is also trying to revive that in his team. But there is an evil force out there looking out to win no matter what the cost: sabotaging their bus, organizing a team of soccer cyborgs to take them out, and sabotaging the stadium for things like, say, having the roof collapse on them. Yeah.
It's a good anime. Not a super-special-awesome-Ouran kind of Anime, but still a pretty good anime. I'm not going to lie, I was forcing myself to get passed the first couple of episodes, and then it got awesome somewhere around episode 9. It's enjoyable, and I want to keep watching it because I always missed anime's during their original runs, so I want to catch up and watch a show that no one I know seems to know. There is also another reason that's probably larger than this reason, but I'm........not going to talk about it. Seriously, though, I love watching it! And I think my 53 minutes of waiting for Megavideo are up! Time to get back to watching it! :D I'm a year late, but I can catch up. I'm at episode 17, the show is at 81, and it's apparently been extended to 2011. Sweet!


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