Hallo, one and everyone! This week has been filled with excitement and success!

Supesharu Anaunsumento! The Library of Games podcast is coming back with a new episode either later today or tomorrow! We're planning to rebrand that shiz and turn it into something much more interesting now...

And now for the super exciting awesome news surrounding my success!

I can beat Painkiller and Panic Attack on Expert Drums now! WOOT WOOT! I mean, not with a very good score, or anything. Just that this proves that I have been getting better and better over time!

Also, I may be broadcasting over UStream often now! Here's a link to my channel that will be updated over time...

Wow! Blogger has made it much easier to edit in pictures! Woot!

And also, I may have just gotten Street Fighter IV gifted to me by a very nice person just now. Stay tuned!

Everything is going amazingly fine today! I feel great!


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