Gloqwi Today 6.10.10 - ROCK BAND THWEEEE!

Posted by Gloqwi Thursday, June 10, 2010

[As of typing: In Lunchroom. 8:55 AM, typing on Andrew's computer]

Okay, so as of now, the game I am most excited for this year (and I am shocked myself) is Rock Band 3. New keyboard peripheral to beast (that works as an actual MIDI controller), new Pro difficulty mode to kick-ass in, new 25-fret guitars to shred for said-mode, beautiful new look, all the DLC from all the other games work, you can change difficulty and/or instrument during songs (like Guitar Hero 5 convenienty allowed you to do), drop-in drop-out multiplayer, refined animations, and freakin' "Bohemian Rhapsody". The game wants you to experience the band more than ever now. They've improved the character models and you can actually see your band go in the van for shows and even practice! They even appear when you are choosing songs! YouMedia, I'm tellin' ya guys right now, insta buy. I will work the blog to the skies if you do. Can't wait until it finally comes out Holiday 2010.

The songs I'm most excited about:
Crazy Train -- Ozzy Osbourne
Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots
I Love Rock and Roll -- Joan Jett
Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen

For more info about the keyboard, click here.

For more on what's new and notable about Rock Band 3, click here.


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