[As of typing: Blackhawks 3, Flyers 2, third period]

Quick one today! So, chatting with my friend while watching the Blackhawks game, I was wondering if there were any anime's of Hockey. Googling "hockey anime" like the smart person I am, I....wait...

[Score now: Blackhawks 3, Flyers 3, 5 minutes before the game would've ended] Dangit.

Anyway, I find a manga called "My Heavenly Hockey Club" (as shown above). Looks a bit familar, sounds a bit familar, and apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed this (by the way, I HOPE that you noticed without my help), and apparently it is a combination of this and The Mighty Ducks, except without the "slowly getting better and winning". Actually, I don't think they played a single game at all. You could read a better read-up here. I might take a quick peek...

Anyway, I was also wondering why there isn't a hockey anime anyway. I then found a post that basically sums it up perfectly. Other than the fact that hockey really isn't popular in Japan, this might also be a factor.

That's it for tonight! I hope I'm updating enough for you imaginary readers! XD



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