Gloqwi Reviews: XNA Games: Groov

Posted by Anonymous Friday, January 23, 2009

The Xbox Live community games seems to be a very largely ignored part of the new Xbox dashboard update. This game seems to show how creative these games could possibly be. Groov is a new addition to the Xbox Community Games that has a very interesting concept. As quoted from the description of the game given, "Every action in Groov has a musical interaction", this game integrates the omni-directional shooter features very similar to games like in the Geometry Wars series with music makes for a very worthwhile play.

The gameplay is very simple and very similar. Left thumbstick controls moving, Right thumbstick points and fires your weapons, with the right thumbstick featuring the special weapon. Sounds similar, right?

The concept is very interesting, though. Every time you fire your weapon, it makes a different sound that syncs with the music in the background. Every time a bullet hits an enemy, the enemy lights up and explodes also making a unique sounds which also syncs with the background music. You are almost creating music while playing a very Geometry Wars-like game.

The music will basically decide whether or not you like the game. If you like the sound of an intergalactic jazz orchestra or something similar to the Geometry Wars soundtrack(I bring it up a lot because it's very similar!), you will like it. Every enemy mocks the sound of a different instrument. For example, every time you hit the "guitar" enemy, it will make a deep guitar strum.

These are the list of the things that make this game, overall, great.

*Every playthrough is guaranteed to be unique.
*Gameplay is very simple.
*It's $2.50. How can you complain?

But there are some downsides:

*There are only three gameplay modes, one of which I am unable to play because the challenge level seems to be a little too high for me to beat the second mode.
*Although every playthrough will be unique, a little over a straight hour of playing, they will seem to become very similar. This is not a long playthrough game. This is a play-in-short-spurts game.
*No options. There is an in-game how to play guide but there is no way to adjust the volume settings or change some of the controls.

All in all, this game is worth your $3. And once you play this game, you just can't help but to smile at the creativity of this game. You can go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download a free trial of this game, or just click on this link and the next time you start up your 360, it will start downloading!


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