Fallout 3>Oblivion yet it is less than Oblivion

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, January 10, 2009

There have been a lot of people on the interwebz saying that the RPG layout for Oblivion works so much better in Fallout 3, but I have to disagree. By this time, I was hooked to Oblivion, but right now, I'm kinda getting....ooo, I really don't want to say tired, but I have to. I'm desperately looking through the wasteland looking for something to do, somewhere to go. But I think that...I never thought I'd say this...Fallout 3 is TOO big. There's so much nothing and too little everything. There are only two real cities, and all the small settlements have one quest attached to them and then they do nothing. The Vaults at first are super interesting, but then you just start to notice that all it's showing you is more bloodshed, and very minimal story. The mainstory has a lot of interesting parts to it, but the fact that you can't continue after you beat the mainstory.

And the fact that there is a level-cap makes it so you can't be an all-powerful badass, and by the time you reach level 8, your pretty much setting a straight path for yourself. And besides, it's so hard to find quests that you might have no use for a level 20 character anyway. And even if you do manage to reach level 20 for you PS3 owners out there, you've got very little to do, and you get no DLC whatsoever. I know how you guys feel now, sorry for all the bragging, PS3 owners.

I think it would've worked much better if it was like Oblivion, where you were allowed to fast-travel to the cities at the beginning so you could have a lot of other things to do instead of the main quest, or just either really short miniquests(repairing the pipes, I'm looking at you), or wayy tooo long quest lines(Wasteland Survival Guide). There are a lot of good quests out there(Big Trouble in Bigtown, Blood Ties, the Beggining parts of Wasteland Survival Guide, and a few more), but you HAVE to look pretty hard. And if your good or evil, if you are just one or the other, the quest lines that could be really long could be really tiny, for example: You have to find somebody and bring him back somewhere, but the fact that your a good guy makes you just bring back some fake evidence that he's dead and the quest ends. He is alive, and you know it very well, but you don't want to enslave him. And I'm not even going to talk about Paradise Falls.....

I also miss the houses in Oblivion. I know there are houses in Fallout 3, but there are only two, you either disarm or detonate Megaton to get each one, and the furniture is only slightly interesting...I like the theme idea though, I haven't got enough money to buy one yet...:P

And the fact that this game made me realize that I'm not as good at FPS's as I thought I was without even a little bit of auto-aim.

I dunno, maybe I'm just playing it wrong. I never used repair, and I learned how great that is only recently. I'm only starting to make weapons. OH! That also reminds me. I wish this game promoted melee weapons more. Those are awesome! Seriously, the Shishkabob is super-awesome, and before I got that, I though using a Chinese Officer's sword was cool. The problem is, I don't have any skill points to spare for melee weapons...maybe I am playing it wrong.....

If you read all of this, thanks! :)


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