I Am A Sadist

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm STILL! Trying to get Mile High Club on Veteran....with an astonishing disappointment. I reach the end of the level, I reach the ONE SHOT TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!...
and I accidentally cap the VIP in the face.
A minute of grieving, 15 more minutes of trying, then I stop.

In PS3 Trophy related news, I got my first two gold trophies; Packrat (Find all 30 bags, EASY!), and Pro Runner (Beat the Game on Hard...I'd say it's Easy to Medium, a few annoying parts, but all in all, very easy Gold Trophies). I spend at least 3 hours on Time Trials, I get two Speedrun trophies, I only have 1 Three Star Time Trial rating, and I got the silver trophy Test of Faith(Go through the game without shooting a single guy. Medium, I think this achievement is harder than Pro Runner).


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