Just to show that I'm still Mr. BossMan

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I stole my keyboard from my mom's room and gave you this awesome news while she was still in the shower.

First, Morley finally got his posts up. W00T!

Now, for the real video game news.

Dynasty Warriors 6 is finally finished. (Via ShackBlog)

Ubisoft gets $13 million because of copyright infringement from MGA Entertainment (Bratz, to be more precise). More information on Gamespot but I suggest

An awesome Prototype trailer thanks to GameVideos.com

Official GTA4 website has been launched (via my email)

And a freaking BRITISH PRIME MINISTER attacks video games...
and gets beaten in Wii Sports. (Via GamePolitics.com)

Oh crap. The showers off.

Gotta go. From your awesomeness,

And I have WAY better quotes than Alex.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

"Now comes the English King and his infidel army!"

"Give me names, I'll give you blood."

"Talk to me or talk to god."


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