An untitled post by Yelrom

Posted by Morley Musick Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey everyone, who would thaught that old yelrom woulda ever figured how ta us the spinnin picture show hamsterwheel gizmodotron. Well I did, so stop makin fun a me just because I make my salads from roadkill, I mean lettuce! I just have two words for my self, Welcome to the glorious, open and free interweb, home to websites about Plastic Bowls!

Still lookin for the $4, because those ninjas wont kick their own fannys, I gots to, me, the Hobo,
Thats right the Hobo. Stop throwing Rocks At My Cart!!!!
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1 Responses to An untitled post by Yelrom

  1. Gloqwi Says:
  2. You do know that it says money for, not $4.


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