Its not gloqwi-anything. It's Savage......ness

Posted by Savage Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 1 of probation. 5:53 pm.

Kailliff almighty says I can't post any random $|-|17 if I wan't to be "promoted'. For 2 WHOLE weeks. *sigh*
I might get Omega Dawn tonight (Map pack for Warhawk) and if I do, I'll write about it tommorow or maybe later tonight.
I hope quotes from Assasin's Creed don't count as random "$|-|17"

"It's illusions! All of it! Water never turned to wine, the Red Sea was never parted!"-Al Mualim

"We can transcende or we can concede. We choose to transcend."-Altair

"Guards! Lock this man up, and make sure he doesn't escape!"
"You can't control me. I'll run away, like I did before."
"No you won't. Break his legs! Both of them!"
"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!"
-Garnier de Napoulse, in his "conversation" with one of his "patients".

Don't worry, he was only saving them from themselves.

This game was developed by a multicultural team with different religious faiths and ethnical backgrounds.

Edited by Kaillif: Swears have been censored to 100% L33TN355.

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  2. Wow. 8 votes for
    Anyways, whadid i tell you about fonts??? Oh whell. It looks nice. But just stik to the regulation uni-i mean font.


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