Truly. I got to sit next to a famous author who's writing subjects are very much in my interests. Thanks to my impulse-hand-raising skills when Taylor had asked for two people to volunteer to ask questions for a Cory Doctorow panel during our last podcast. It was seriously a great pleasure to meet the man in person before I actually get to reading his books. I'll start with Little Brother to appease Leo and Patrick, but I really want to get into For The Win as that sounds amazingly interesting and Taylor says is so much better. Maybe I'll post a couple of pictures from the panel if I can soon!

P.S. Also, I can't believe I never posted a single thing about Ouran High School Host Club. It was (and still is) my favorite anime's ever. Maybe I was so excited about the show that I couldn't bring myself to post a single thing about it. Also maybe the fact that I'm about four years late to the excitement kind of brought me down).


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