Okay, so everything I want to do is not going to happen anytime soon. The good news is that I'm actually going to get a lot of schoolwork done! To do list, time! (Oh, by the way, I'm posting with my phone right before I go to sleep!)

[Finish Editing Theatre Movie]
[Finish Sections 1, 2, and 3 in World Studies]
[Read Chapters 9-16 for Survey Lit]

Second Priorities:
[Edit and post LOGCAST 10: Redux!]
[Work on Heavy Rain review]

Optional/To keep me from going insane:
Stay away from the library until all of these things are done.
Post on my blog
Maybe a couple of minutes of Rock Band 2...NO!

I will tell you right now, those Second Priorities are going to wait a long time! My plan for the next couple of days:

Sleep at 9
Wake up at 4

Gives me about 7 hours of sleep, and 4 hours of a fresh mind. I've always been a morning person, but I never felt school was worth the time. Seriously, the hardest part is getting out of bed. Once you're out, you'll feel soooo much better about it!
There is a specific reason why I seem to be in a very hard-working state right now (other than the fact that my grades will drop severly. I never really cared about that reason.), but it's way to embarrasing for me to actually disclose. This reason happens a lot, though, and I wish it would happen more often. I promise I will say this reason publicly soon, but by the time it comes, I will have realized how much it will have helped me that I should be proud to say that is the reason.
Well, anyway, I better get to sleep......but I won't because I want to talk about more things, but I will save that for tommorow night. Just remember: Supportive, Doctor Who, Podcast.
And once I post enough that I shove a couple of stories out, I might actually start telling my friends about this website! XD


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