The end of Flash Flash Revolution...or is it?

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, March 10, 2010

About half a year ago, Flash Flash Revolution mysteriously disappeared from the internets. One of the sites main moderators posted something about the disappearance of the deeply loved flash game on his personal website.

First, I still have no idea what is going on with the site or if it’ll ever be back. I talked to Synth about 5 weeks ago when he reached out to me in regards to a last ditch effort to sell the site. I did some initial inquiries to some old and new contacts, but after 2 days Synth stopped responding to me, so I stopped pursuing it. It was about 10 days after that that the site went down and has been down ever since. I haven’t talked to him since, nor do I really care anymore whether or not the site comes back. (Tasselfoot)
A couple of months before he posted this news (or lack of), he posted about the problems the site was having concerning money, which started around 2006-2008. I recommend you read this. It's very interesting and reveals a lot about how the site was really doing behind the scenes. I also reveals the story behind him and the site's actual moderator, Synthlight. He reveals in the post that he really never new much about how much money, and that after they all the core FFR staff left LA, they all stopped getting paid even after they continued working there. To me, the thing that pisses me off the most is that Synth had never bothered to speak to any of the team members about anything. By 2008, Synth had become completely inactive on the site and Tass had strongly suggested they sell the site, but nothing ever happened. People were actually offering six-figure amounts of funding, but since Synth never bothered to even return Tass' calls, nothing ever came to fruition. It seriously is a very interesting story. Click here to read his view. I don't doubt that there is another side to this, and even Tass says he is a pretty nice guy to talk to, but if someone stops paying people without any reason, or at least, response with a reason, wouldn't you get pissed? (apparently, Synth owes Tass an estimated $10,000).

Well, as he said in his "last post about FFR", people had been releasing torrents for an offline version of the game after the site had died with some "leaked code". But only until recently, thanks to a Facebook fan page about FFR, one of the old moderators for the website had made a website that currently hosts the game. It also provides a link to the "closest-thing-to-official" forum for the game. The best part about this is that it is a version of the game that was never released to the public and only probably available to the paid-subscribers on the old website. It has a great new look, the song lists are sorted differently, there are more mods, and the best part? All the songs that were ever in the game are available for play without having to unlock them (that's right, even Vertex BETA vrofl).

I'm very happy that this is out, and I would love to see the site having a rebirth (I spent so much time of my life on that website, I had some pretty great memories...), but if this is all that can be brought back, that would be okay.

(The video embedded is an old video of the game back from when the website was still online. This video is for the people who have no idea why I had said that you could play (or a more exact word, attempt) Vertex BETA vrofl. I attempted it at the library today and I couldn't even beat it with friend playing two of the buttons!)

Ahh, good times. Good times...


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. how can u go on and on about the weirdest stuff.

  3. Kaillif Says:
  4. I hate you. -.-

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. awwwwww i love u to.

  7. Greg Says:
  8. Check out
    An update has been made! And more importantly, check out the name of the image "June18th2010". Perhaps a come back release date? Though I must agree the mirrored version is much better because of having everything unlocked

  9. Gloqwi Says:
  10. Thanks for letting me know, Greg. Sucks though, because probably all of the stuff I did on the site will never come back... June 18th is date to look out for then!


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