Borderlands: Kai Shepard, The Level 21 Siren of Destruction.

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've recently been having loads of fun with Borderlands, something I probably wouldn't have thought I would say when I first started playing this game. Working my Soldier from level 1 to 10, I had a really boring time and so did my friend that I was playing with, Stanley. I decided that I may have chosen the wrong class, as I heard from many of my friends and a couple of podcasts that I listened to said that the only good classes to play were the Hunter and Siren. The Soldier's special ability is very useless, even after enhancing it a couple of levels. So Stanley and I started completely new characters, me a Siren, him a Hunter. We still got bored throughout the first couple of levels, but we pushed forward, and after a while (approx. around levels 12-14), we started to have loads of fun. It may have been all the enhancements our characters were starting to get, and we got much more incentive to level up and be better than each other. Then some other guys who I knew started competing with us to who had the best character (I'm still winning by a lot! XP). I'm having a lot of fun with Borderlands, and I plan on playing it a lot more now!

Sorry if this post feels like filler. I might have to post as much as I can with the little time I have now. Once I get a stable internet connection back, I'm going to overload this website with as much as possible. Please stay, anybody that may still read this! I would gladly appreciate it!


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