This has finalized it right here.

What is it? PS3 version of GTA4 runs on 640p. Wow. So special. That means the XBOX360 version does that too.


Nope. The 360 version runs on 720p. If you'd like to see other reasons why I'll be getting the 360 version, look at my newest post on VGNO.

I'm sorry, The_Conductor, it just had to happen. Hay, littlebigplanet is only a summer away!


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  2. Why! WHY!

  3. Gloqwi Says:
  4. I'm actually still in the choosing. The decision has not been finalized....I still have 2 more months to choose.

  5. mo Says:
  6. he he yo chose the ps3 version and now it haunts you.


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