Gears of War is officially going to be a movie.

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yep. That's right. Gears of War has finally connected with a director and a script. I just really hope it's not a Far Cry.

In other news, let's review the best freaking video game April Fool's Joke...

but first, I'd just like to say, whoever said there was going to be DLC for SSBB and ended up being an April Fool's Joke, I hate you with a passion.

Now, for the awesomeness...PRESENTED IN HDEH!......

actually, sorry guys. Blogger will not allow me to upload a video more than 100MB large. So now I have to compress it to a mere 43MB. Very sorry...oh well. Now it looks even more realistic. How? In the HD version you could clearly see how fake the lighting was in the Temple of Time. Now, it's hard to digress!

(video coming soon)


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