5 reason why R6V2 is a must have

Posted by Didi Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1. Story mode is actually pretty long(like a Rainbow Six games), but it keeps a steady pace and keeps you guessing throughout the game.

2. You can customize your character and weapons in every way possible. You can even make your guy fat. You want to make your guy a pickle or a tomato, well you can. You want to put your face on your character, well you can.

3. The new terrorist mode lets you play with 4 friends,or random people, and take out all the terrorist in a map, but you only get 2 respawns. On Normal difficulty it isn't hard, but realistic is very challenging.

4. New additions to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are that A.C.E.S.(challenges you have to complete like in Call of Duty 4) lets you unlock new weapons and armor for your character.

5. I forgot to mention...the MULTI-PLAYER IS AWESOME. Total Counquest is probably my favorite game mode ever in a game. It's basically like headquarters except way more intense and fun. There are 3 satleites things in a map and you have to capture and hold each one so that the other team doesn't control it. You gain xp for EVERY kill you partner/s makes in any mode even story mode. There is also a VIP thing like in Halo 3,but I haven't played that one yet.

Just pick up the game!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Youre on your way to becoming a reviewer!! Yippie!

  3. Didi Says:
  4. dude it doesn't let me actually put a picture. On my computer the picture has a x and it's suck white so fix it and tell me how to for future occasions you know.


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