One hell of a night.

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, January 13, 2008

Friday night,me and my friend went to my friend's house, showed him my l33t Guitar Hero 3 skills. Then, when both of my friends went to their World of Warcraft little room, I played lots of DDRMAX2...LOTS...standard.....nonstop.....then when I went to sleep, I accidentaly streached my leg to much that it hurt me...for about a minute....a LOT! I was crying in pain trying to get my mom to hear me...but then it went away....still felt it...
Saturday morning. Attempted to beat Raining Blood and One on Hard career to complete it...and SUCCEEDED! Then I battled Lou...took me about 3 tries because I got really lucky. And I felt FanTASTIC! Now, I'm halfway done with Expert. Then I went to a party and played some WiiPlay for the first time. Played some card games like Cheat and Texas Hold Em'...Then, I finally convinced my friend to play WarioWare with me...because his friends told him it was a really bad game...until NOW! We beat single player and it was a LOT of FUN! I could tell we were both embarrased when we watched some of the cutscenes in front of every one....but then doing the wierdest of minigames didn't embarrass us! Then....This morning, I just played some Guitar Hero III, and somehow got Call of Duty 4 online working, and some skate. Then I ended up having to do my homework and typing this blog. That's pretty much it now. Back to work!....SHIT! 8:41PM and ABSOLUTLY NOTHING DONE!!!!!

EDIT: By the way, I just found out that I should be getting Rock Band next week so...Nother Review to get to!


  1. didi Says:
  2. sweet so you'll have a rock band review! I'm lookng forwar to that. I would give it an 11 out of 10.


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. haha im better than kaillif at guitar hero because ive gotten the inhuman achievment!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is most definetely not wesley ellett,

    no wayy

    its totally dylan pulver

    idk my bff rose


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