Death to the brain.

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, January 10, 2008

And I thought It was all over.

Well, the Tokyo game show is now delayed until October 9 to October 12, unlike last year where the show was held on September. But nothing else has really changed, that's the only thing changed in schedule. They still have the same plan of having 2 days for the business and 2 days for the public.

And aNOTHER game has been added to the nominees of a good movie to make. BioShock has been added and I have some good expectations because I would like to see the setting of Rapture in a movie. But I always thought Call of Duty 4 would be a good nominee. Oh, and maybe for the BioShock movie, they should make it first person since you NEVER see the main characters face.

ANd in other news, Wii Fit is selling abnormally successfuly. Now, even MORE people are going to be staying in their houses.


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