Anime Breakout 19: Best Spring Break Ever

Posted by Gloqwi Friday, April 22, 2011

I never did get to posting Anime Breakout 19...

Oh, hey everyone.

Yeah, it's been over half a year since I posted something on this website.

So why come back now? Well, you can thank my good friend Kasteroth. He sent me a message on Facebook asking me how my Spring Break has been, and I got to telling him that I've been working on a website and watching hellza lot of anime! I was thinking about linking him to this website, but I thought better of the idea. While looking at this site, though, I felt it really necessary to tie up a loose end, such as never fulfilling those promises I left (after I PROMISED I would fulfill them. Go me.). Also found it absolutely necessary to make my newest post an ANIME BREAKOUT post because only just a couple of days ago did I finish Code Geass and Code Geass R2. And today I finished Durarara!!.

So lemme talk about Code Geass...

HOLY SHIT THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I'VE EVER WATCHED EVER. I was NOT expecting it to hit me this hard! I mean, it was so damn good, that it became my favorite anime!

Yes, that's right. Ouran High School Host Club is no longer my favorite anime.

Only Code Geass could make me feel like the girliest of fangirls (and for those of you who don't know, I'm male). GAWD DAMN ROLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, even if Rolo wasn't there (I didn't know he even existed until I started R2), it was still a fantastic series that really moved me with everything it did! A show has never made me want to throw a brick at my screen so damn hard!


Code Geass: 9.5/10. I really only knocked it for a certain episode which is basically the only reason why the plot continues. IMO it was probably the cheapest way to continue a storyline.

Code Geass R2: 10/10. I never thought that this show would conclude well at all, but not only was the entirety of the series fantastic, it gave some of the best closure in the damn world.

(while typing this, I noticed that I had another post with a label "Code Geass". I realized that I was supposed to watch this midway in '10. =3=)

And then there is Durarara!!. First introduced to me by my college going otaku friend who is a girl (who bought me the Ouran scroll that hangs proudly in my bedroom), it looked like a weird and boring show to me when I first saw it. She said it was fantastic, though. T'was hard for me to believe.

Then, around a year later, Malic decides to tell me that Durarara!! is totally my kind of thing! And the people I follow on Twitter LOVED it.

I watch it, and though I chuckled and was sometimes geniunely intrigued, I kinda doubted that it would be as great as everyone was telling me. My main problem was that the pacing of the series was all over the place, being majorly intriguing and boring and switching off very quickly!

Around episode 10/11, I actually started to get really into the show! Then in between that and ep 18/19, it got  unimpressive again.

But the last episodes really make up for it! The build-up from the boring episodes comes to a truly fantastic conclusion in the end!


Durarara!!: 9/10 Though pacing of the story goes from slow to fast at a rapidly changing pace, it is really worth going through the entire thing.


Woo! Yay! It feels really good to get this off of my shoulder! I'm happy I was able to find the time to do this (btw, listening to Want You Gone from Portal 2 on loop for the entire day. Also Hitomi no Tsubasa is an awesome song. Look at the bottom of the post! :D)

I would also like to say that I've gotten so much more comfortable with myself since I last posted. I mean, now I have absolutely no problem having shotacon just hanging around everywhere! See! Look at the picture at the top! Code Geass probably never suggests this ever in the show, but I would have TOTALLY wanted to see this! (You guys know what I mean! XD)

But anyway, I miss this website. But I guess I'm growing up. Reaching bigger and better places. Speaking of, go to, the website where I currently work now! ^_^ Would love to see you guys there.

And to end this epic post, epic music, brought to you by access and yours truly! G'nite! (11:59PM HERE! XD)

See ya'll on the flip side if I ever come back! ^_^ ~Gloqwi


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