Gloqwi Today 6.14.10 - Failure to Commit

Posted by Gloqwi Monday, June 14, 2010

So I was supposed to have a lot of exciting stuff up today, but things caught me by suprise:

1. Oh! We have to record a podcast every Monday! I almost forgot!

2. Oh! I still have to edit the last two podcasts and this week's because an E3 podcast is almost completely useless if not posted the day of...

3. E3 has already started! Microsoft is already done with their conference while Ubisoft was finishing their's up on my ride home!

4. Anime/Breakout still needs to be done!

Current schedule:

  • Block out any fun at YouMedia.
  • Post up Post-Day:1 E3 impressions.
  • Download editing software at YouMedia and edit up the podcast there OR Anime/Breakout!
  • Watch streaming E3 coverage!

YouMedia: Now home of clumsy video game journalist Kaillif Ammen! XD


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