Gloqwi Today 6.13.10 - Teishoku! Supesharu Anaunsumento!

Posted by Gloqwi Sunday, June 13, 2010

I hope whoever has been reading this has enjoyed my mostly consistent posting! As celebration for me finally reaching episode 53 of Inazuma Eleven (I would call it a season ending since episode 51-52 was an hour long special and the ED changed) and E3 is starting tomorrow, I would like to announce a couple of things!

NEW ANIME/MANGA BREAKOUT: 19 - Inazuma Eleven has gotten really good. Much better than the point I was at before (around the end of the first season). I also want to bring back the "every Monday" thing for Anime/Manga breakout thing that I always tried doing and failing. Now that I'm at least updating steadily but not overdoing it, I would like to see this site come back, and something to look forward to is always a good start.

E3 SUPESHARUS! (E3 specials for those who don't want to read it aloud :P) - With E3 starting tomorrow and Twitter fully in my grasp, I will be able to talk about everything I am totally excited for and everything else I feel the need to mention!

I'm excited, are you? *crickets chirp* OKAY! LET'S DO THIS!


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